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The Ridge by John Rector

Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

Megan began to wonder if she was losing her mind. Is everything real or just part of her imagination? Can she trust anyone is this town?

Megan and her husband Tyler move to Chicago where he has accepted a job at the Institute, a research center and must remain there at least for a year.

Megan is not very happy with the move and the strange neighborhood. She believes that one of the neighbors, Rachel Addison, is trying to steal her husband. When Megan confronts Rachel everything goes awry. There was a terrible accident and Megan believes Rachel is dead. When she tells Tyler what happened, he goes to Rachel’s house only to find her alive and well. Is Megan losing her mind? Read the rest of this entry »

The Cold Kiss by John Rector (Review #2)

Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

The Cold KissI must admit there aren’t too many books that really grab my attention and keep hold of it all the way to the end. The Cold Kiss is an exception.

Nate and his pregnant girlfriend Sara leave Minnesota and plan to drive to Reno to get married and start a new life. They are both trying to forget their past lives and begin new ones.

When Nate and Sara stop at a diner, they noticed a man who had a terrible cough. As they were leaving the diner, the man confronted them and offered to pay $500 for a ride. Nate did not want to take the man in the car but Sara’s eyes lit up when she started thinking about what she could do with $500. So, against Nate’s judgment, they agreed to take Syl in their car. It started snowing.

Along the way, Syl sounded deathly sick with his constant coughing and even at times spitting up blood. The snowstorm got worse and Nate pulled into a motel. At first it didn’t look like the motel was open. When Nate turned to look at Syl, he believed he was dead in the backseat. Read the rest of this entry »

Out of the Black by John Rector

Reviewed by Teri Davis

Out of the BlackMoney can make people desperate. For Matt Caine, the is exactly his life now, desperate.

Matt’s wife died in a car accident. His wife survived, but his daughter was permanently damaged requiring much rehabilitation and therapy. Unfortunately, providing for Anna’s special needs now requires this time and money. Another disadvantage is that now this single-parent has the challenge of also providing for his daughter and his night. Most businesses are not very understanding.
An old friend is now meeting with Matt, offering him a solution.

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Jay believes an acquaintance of his has money. So now he has developed a scheme. He just needs Matt’s help for it to be possible to solve both of their problems. Added to his problem, Matt borrowed money to pay for Beth’s funeral and his daughter’s hospitalization and care. However, the mobster that he borrowed the money from, now wants it paid back. Read the rest of this entry »

The Cold Kiss by John Rector

Reviewed by Teri Davis

The Cold Kiss“We were the only ones inside except for a man whispering into a pay phone on the other side of the lunch counter. I don’t think we would’ve noticed him at all if it wasn’t for his cough. The sound, wet and choking, was hard to ignore. I did my best. Sarah didn’t.”

Sometimes running away seems like your only choices within minutes. What would you do if you saw an older man who was coughing and having difficulty breathing? Most of us would choose to ignore him. Read the rest of this entry »

Ruthless by John Rector

Reviewed by Teri Daivs

Ruthless“Every decision we make has consequences…Some people, however, don’t grasp the concept of consequences, and I can see now that you’re one of those people, Nick.”

There are certain times in your life where a mistaken identity can be a blessing, others where it definitely is a curse. For Nick White, he is uncertain which. Read the rest of this entry »

Already Gone by John Rector

Already GoneReviewed by Teri Davis

What would you expect to be taken from you if you were mugged outside a local bar? Most of us would expect to lose our purse/wallet, keys, money, watch, or rings. Well, Jake Reese was mugged and all that was taken was his wedding ring with the finger. The finger was cut off with bolt cutters. They let him keep his money.

Jake Reese had a rough upbringing. Today we would consider him as a child to be “at risk”. Fortunately, he has turned his life around. His drinking is under control. He recently married and lives together with his loving wife in a house in a decent neighborhood. He has a possibility for a secure future with his position as a professor teaching writing at a university. Everything seems to be falling into place until he is mugged. Jake decides to investigate this on his own placing his life at the university on hold when another weird thing happens. His wife, Diane, is missing. oes this have anything to do with the finger? Is this a kidnapping? Is this revenge for something in Jake’s past? He decides to look into his past for the answers, if there are any. Read the rest of this entry »