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No Man’s Land (John Puller Series) by David Baldacci

Reviewed by Allen Hott

No Man's LandMr. Baldacci has brought John Puller back and really tangled him up in a super woven story. Puller, and Army Special Agent and son of a retired three
Star general, is involved in finding out whom or what caused the disappearance of his mother some thirty years ago.

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His father, now suffering from dementia, is fading fast and Puller takes some time off from his military career to track down the clues in the old mystery.

It started because a former friend of the family sent the father a letter basically accusing him of doing the dirty deed to his wife. Puller doesn’t believe it and sets out to find the truth. Read the rest of this entry »

The Escape (John Puller Series)by David Baldacci

Reviewed by Allen Hott

This time Baldacci is using John Puller as his main character. Over the years he has used several different main characters in his stories about Washington D.C., the military, and the various happenings in those areas. John Puller is a Warrant Officer presently working for the CriThe Escapeminal Investigation Division. His background is extensively military as his father is well known as a general who built quite a reputation for his combat successes.. Over the last several books however his father has been semi-incapacitated due to dementia.

Robert Puller, John’s older brother, is an Air Force officer who is spending his time in the U. S. Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth Kansas. He was found guilty of some sort of treason activities against the United States. John has never been able to find out exactly what all of that entailed as he was out of the country when the trial was held. No manner of digging has ever allowed him to find out the whole story as higher authority has hidden all information.<!–more–>

Little does that matter right now because John just got word that Robert has escaped from the USDB in a very peculiar way. When John heads to see his father to tell him of this event he meets several high ranking military personnel who have just met with his father hoping to gain some information about Robert and the escape. Neither his father nor John has any idea at all as to how or why this has occurred.

John’s immediate superior grants him leave but tells him to stay out of any type of investigation into the escape. Slightly ignoring that command John does begin to do some preliminary sleuthing to see what he can find out. Very quickly however due to some other developments in national security John is put on the case by powers superior to his own commanding officer.

As John begins looking he finds several strange things have happened. First off a major storm hit the prison that night and strangely enough all the power was lost even though the Army had taken great care to ensure that the backup generators could not ever fail!

Not only was this an almost unbelievable happening but also Robert not only was able to get out and away from his cell but he also left a dead man in his bed!

These events plus the fact that one of the three generals who put John onto the case now has been murdered are just the beginning for one of Baldacci’s longest novels to date.

He brings in suspects, more investigators, more suspects, more murders, and you name it. He has truly built a tremendous story with as many angles and detours as could possibly be thought of by any author at any time.

Quite a story and though it tends to be very long it never drags or bogs down.  Baldacci continually builds up more and more possibilities for any investigator or reader to maul over as being helpful or not. Very great read that holds the reader to the end (and possibly is an intro to the next Puller story!).