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Without Mercy: A Body Farm Novel by Jefferson Bass

Reviewed by Jud Hanson

Without MercyDr. Brockton is called to a murder scene that shocks him like no other one ever has: a body found in a rural Tennessee county, chained to a tree and badly mutilated. There are clues that would lead one to believe this murder to be a hate crime but the anthropological evidence says otherwise. As Brockton works with the local and state authorities to try and solve the case, he receives some unsettling news: Nick Satterfield, a savage serial killer with a grudge against Brockton, has escaped from federal prison and appears to be on a quest for revenge against him. As the investigation progresses, Brockton begins to wonder if the murder case he’s working on is the work of Satterfield and realizes he must find a way to both solve the case and protect his family. Read the rest of this entry »

The Breaking Point by Jefferson Bass

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The Breaking PointThis team can write! Actually Jefferson is Jon Jefferson, top flight writer, and Dr. Bill Bass, world renowned forensic anthropologist and creator of the famous Body Farm in Tennessee. The stories they write are in some way connected to Bass’s work but not necessarily with the Body Farm itself.

In The Breaking Point Dr. Bill Brokton (their fictional creator of the Farm) has just been called away from Tennessee where he was helping teach some new Federal agents in how to get details from a crime scene. Both Brokton, McReady (the lead agent), and the newbies are however called out to work a plane crash in the Otay Mountains in the San Diego area. Read the rest of this entry »

Cut to the Bone: A Body Farm Novel by Jefferson Bass

Cut to the Bone Reviewed by Allen Hott

Cut To the Bone is the newest chapter in the story of Dr. Bill Brockton and his work as a forensic specialist out of the Body Farm. Dr. Brockton in actuality is the fictional counterpart of Jefferson Bass who began the Body Farm in the Knoxville, Tennessee in the real world. The farm was an offshoot of his work in the Anthropology Department of the University of Tennessee. He has worked and still works with various police units as they try to solve mysteries that have dead bodies or skeletons involved. Bass was often chided early on for not being able to be more accurate in placing the time of death in many of these cases of found bodies/skeletons.

He discovered that one of his biggest allies in being more accurate was studying the sizes and lifespans of the various flies or maggots that devoured most of the body’s materials after death. After realizing how important those little bugs were in his profession he convinced the university to allot him some ground and he then began accumulating corpses from around the area that were unidentifiable. By placing them in his “farm” he and his assistants would watch the decomposition and create timetables from the work of the flies. Read the rest of this entry »

The Inquisitor’s Key: A Body Farm Novel by Jefferson Bass

The Inquisitor's Key Reviewed by Allen Hott

A slightly different take on Dr. Bill Brockton, the forensic specialist from the Body Farm in Tennessee. The team making up Jefferson Bass has co-authored several stories featuring Dr. Brockton as he gets involved with dead bodies, skeletons, and with those who cause crimes as well as those attempting to solve them. Lucky for the readers Dr. Brockton usually is a big part of the solving!

However The Inquisitor’s Key is actually a two part story as it goes back and forth from modern day Avignon, France to the same area in the 1300’s.

Brockton was called to France by his protégé, Miranda Lovelace, who had gone there for the summer to assist an old friend of hers who was working on an excavation in an anteroom that is situated beneath the Palace of the Popes. Miranda felt that Brockton would not only be a big help but would also enjoy the work as it was to be forensic and historic. It seems there is a belief (among some folks) that in effect the figure that was captured on the Shroud of Turin could have in fact been Jesus. Read the rest of this entry »

The Bone Yard by Jefferson Bass (Review #2)

The Bone YaredReviewed by Vickie Dailey

Jefferson Bass is the writing duo of Dr. Bill Blass and Jon Jefferson. This is their sixth bone farm novel.

Dr. Bill Brockton is a forensic anthropologist at the Bone Farm. Here they take bodies and teach students forensics. One such student, Angie, is called away home. Dr. Brockton then gets a call from Angie requiring his help. Her sister is dead apparently from a self-inflicted gun shot would that Angie believes her brother-in-law committed. This is not the story of The Bone Yard. Read the rest of this entry »

The Bone Thief by Jefferson Bass (Review #3)

The Bone ThiefReviewed by Allen Hott

Whoa! What a book! But a bit of a warning in advance. This book is about dead bodies and the study of them as they begin to break down after death and interment. And there is one section wherein Doctor Bill Brockton and his aide perform an autopsy, which is spelled out in graphic detail. There are one or two other instances of happenings that are perhaps not for the squeamish.

But for most of us? A really great book as Brockton goes about his business of running the Body Farm in Knoxville Tennessee where donated bodies are evaluated in the study of decomposition. Knowing facts about how the decomposition of the dead body is a big help to law enforcement as they piece together when, where, and how someone died.

One of East Tennessee’s most notable television personalities has recently died and stipulated that her body go to Brockton and the Body Farm. That piece of notoriety helped get more folks looking to what all can be done on the Farm.

The court had called upon Brockton and his crew to do DNA exam on a gentleman who had been dead for some time. This gentleman was buried in a normal cemetery so the body/casket had to be dug up for the examination. Read the rest of this entry »

The Bone Thief by Jefferson Bass (Review #2)

The Bone ThiefReviewed by Patricia Reid

When Burton DeVreiss, Attorney, contacted Dr. Bill Brockton it was to inform Brockton that he had obtained an order to exhume the body of Trey Willoughby to obtain a DNA sample to be used as proof of paternity. Dr. Brockton and his assistant Miranda were shocked when the body was exhumed and the silk suit worn by the deceased was cut open. Trey Willoughby’s arms had been removed and the sleeves filled with white PVC pipe.

This is just one of the many puzzles presented by this fifth book in the series. Burton DeVreiss had been involved with Dr. Brockton in an earlier book in the series where a funeral home was negligent in handling the bodies that were entrusted to the home for proper burial or cremation. Now it looks as though another funeral home is going to be under investigation.

Dr. Brockton, founder of the Body Farm, is contacted by the FBI and requested to go undercover to investigate a black market operation that is selling body parts. The FBI feels that since Brockton has access to so many bodies that are donated to the Body Farm he is the perfect person to infiltrate the operation. This is particularly true since Brockton is facing many budget cuts in his department and the department is in need of funds. Although hesitant at first Brockton finally agrees to go undercover. Not only does the sting operation put Brockton’s reputation on the line Brockton’s life is placed in danger. Read the rest of this entry »

The Bone Yard by Jefferson Bass

The Bone YardReviewed by Nancy Eaton

What is the body farm? It is a research facility at the University of Tennessee where students who are studying forensics can learn about the various stages of decomposition of bodies. There are hundreds of corpses in various states of disrepair. Some bodies are above ground and others are buried.

Angie St. Claire, a forensic analyst with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, asks Dr. Brockton who is in charge of the body farm for help. Angie’s sister has died and the death has been ruled a suicide. Angie does not believe her sister committed suicide. Her belief is that her sister was murdered and probably by her own husband. To add fuel to the fire, the husband did not waste any time burying Angie’s sister. In fact, she was not embalmed. The difficult part is that Angie has to prove her accusations.

Dr. Brockton agrees to help Angie. He also believes that Angie’s sister was murdered because suicide by shotgun is rare, especially among women. As he is beginning his investigation into Angie’s sister’s death, some strange things start to happen. A dog has found not one but two sculls which end up belonging to adolescents. These sculls also appear to contain fractures. Their search to identify the victims leads them to the North Florida Boy’s Reformatory. A diary, apparently written by one of the students, has been found and claimed that one wrong move could land a boy in the Bone Yard. As Dr. Brockton continues his investigation, he finds opposition from the local Sheriff. Why? What is the Sheriff hiding? Read the rest of this entry »

The Bone Thief by Jefferson Bass

Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

thiefIt is always a wonderful opportunity to review a book written by the team of Jefferson Bass because I know there will be a great read waiting for me. Their books have everything I could want in a book – suspense, a plot that just doesn’t quit and memorable characters.

In The Bone Thief, Dr. Bill Brockton has been called in to work on a case – one that would seem to be routine. The main purpose is to exhume the body and obtain DNA for a paternity test.

Dr. Brockton brings along Miranda, his graduate assistant . One of her duties is to run the Anthropology Department’s osteology laboratory (the bone lab). She also helps coordinate the body donation program.

Everything seems to be going according to plan until the coffin is opened. To everyone’s dismay, the body has missing limbs. How could this have happened? Read the rest of this entry »