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Big Numbers (Austin Carr Mystery Book 1) by Jack Getze

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Austin Carr is having some problems with his life. Because of monetary problems and a split with his wife, he is living in an old truck-mounted camper. The camper is parked in the lot of a bar where he spends a lot of time and the owner of the bar wants him out of the lot but seems to always succumb to Carr’s charm. Carr has also given him a few stock tips that paid off and he is hoping for more help in exchange along the way to pay for the parking.

Mostly Carr gets along well with Luis who is the bartender at Cruz’s bar and grill so that keeps him pretty well fixed for food and beverages. However Cruz still is very watchful because he isn’t happy with the camper truck in the lot.

It seems as a stockbroker he isn’t doing overly well although he has one client, Gerry Burns, who has been putting quite a bit of work Carr’s way. One day Gerry comes in to see Carr and first complains a bit about the market, like everyone else is doing in this particular slowdown. But then he drops a bigger bomb when he tells Carr that has pancreatic cancer and supposedly is dying. Read the rest of this entry »

Big Money by Jack Getze

bigmoneyReviewed by Allen Hott

Austin Carr, a somewhat unscrupulous stockbroker, is being hit from all sides. He is a partner along with several other brokers in Shore Securities. The major stockholder and actual owner of the business, Vic Bonacelli, has left to go on a vacation and has put Carr in charge of the business. Bonacelli, Walter Osgood, and Carr have been friends for quite some time and until recently the business was doing very well. However the recent downturn in the economy has hurt their business and also they have been advised that they are about to be audited by AASD (American Association of Security Dealers.

Osgood asked Carr to meet him at Luis’s Mexican Grill (where they all hang out) and Carr has already surmised something is up. It turns out that Osgood, who is the firm’s top producer, has accepted a job with another firm and he will be leaving. Carr feels that Osgood is doing it because of the AASD investigation which Osgood feels will probably bring down Shore Securities. Read the rest of this entry »