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Quicksand (Eve Duncan) by Iris Johansen

QuicksandEve Duncan is still trying to find the person who killed her young daughter, Bonnie, years ago. And because it is still causing her some mental problems it is also bothering her forever lover, Joe Quinn. Joe and Eve had gotten the names of three potentials that seem to fit in as possible killers of Bonnie from a gentleman named Montalvo that had used Eve to do a forensic sculpting. Montalvo works in Columbia as a detective type in the military.

Joe, who is a former Navy seal and nationally known Atlantic detective, receives word from the sheriff of Bloomburg, Illinois that Henry Kistle, a fugitive and one of Joe’s three potentials is in Bloomburg. Joe takes off immediately for Kistle’s location but before he gets there Kistle somehow is able to capture and kill the sheriff.

And then Eve receives a phone call that begins with, “Do you still miss your little Bonnie?” The call comes from the sheriff’s phone. She knows right away that someone is aware of what happened to Bonnie and Eve immediately assumes it is the killer. While talking with Eve he admits to killing the sheriff and also admits his name is Henry Kistle.

Kistle does take off and is quickly being hunted in the woods outside of Bloomburg when both Joe and Montalvo with his aide get word from the local sheriff that they have tracked him that far. However even with all their accumulated forces they are unable to get him and he also kills the sheriff’s chief deputy.

When it appears he is still in the woods, Eve flies also to Bloomburg to be of any help that she can. However as part of the story it turns out that Montalvo has developed some sort of a crush on Eve and although she is fighting it she also has developed feelings for him. Her feelings however do not replace her feelings for Joe. What she feels for Montalvo (at least she believes) are because of his extreme care for her loss of Bonnie which Joe has never been able to develop.

From here Johansen has built an interesting story as the entire group of Eve, Joe, Montalvo, and his top aide join forces with legal forces chasing Kistle. Kistle makes many of the moves you would expect in a story of this type as he continues to not only run and hide but also he kidnaps a young girl. He knows that this will really get to Eve so he constantly phones her to tell her where he and the kidnapped youngster are.

If you read Johannsen’s stories about Eve Duncan you know that she is mentally upset and has been for years not only over the loss of Bonnie but also the fact that she has never been able to catch the killer. She never gets much help from Joe in this problem because he never knew Bonnie and isn’t overly sympathetic to past occurrences.

Will Montalvo’s caring cause a split with Eve and Joe? Will they finally catch Kistle? The only way to find out these answers is to read Quicksand. You will not regret doing just that!

Night Watch: A Novel (Kendra Michaels) by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Night WatchI have to believe this was written mostly by Roy Johansen, the son of Iris Johansen because of all of her books that I have read she has never gone into sex as part of the story.

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This one begins to at one point but then, thankfully, backs off of it and goes ahead telling the story without that element. Good job!

Like some of her other books though it does border a bit on the occult or at least on things that are not truly in our element yet. This one gets into the possibility of regenerating parts of the human body. Kendra Michaels was blind from birth but had her sight restored in a special maneuver by Doctor Charles Waldridge. In growing up without sight she with the help of her mother really built her other senses to where she has remarkable talents such as memory. She also has the uncanny ability to connect things about people and their habits, abilities, and their thinking potential. She can also place where people have been by seeing things on their shoes or clothes that they may have come into contact with such as sand or pieces of grass. Her use of all her mental facilities far exceeds anyone else in the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Hide Away: An Eve Duncan Novel by Iris Johansen

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Hide AwayThe lady writes good thriller type stories often with Eve Duncan and her guy, Joe. And they always seem to get into some pretty difficult situations because of Eve’s forensic sculpting background. One thing that is also always evident is the idea of ghost like folks who converse with the main characters to some degree. And also all of Eve’s family which grows with each book is forever indebted to her and each other. Everyone is thankful and responsible for one another almost to an unbearable degree sometimes.

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In Hide Away Eve is now caring for Cara Delaney whose sister had been killed and then her traveling caretaker Elena was also killed. Cara and her sister were daughters of one of the major drug lords in Mexico and while they were running from the gangsters Eve and Joe had stepped in and gotten caught up with caring for Cara. Eve had done a forensic sculptor of Cara’s sister from a photo which is how she began her association with Cara (about one book ago in Johansen’s chain). Read the rest of this entry »

Shadow Play: An Eve Duncan Novel by Iris Johansen

Shadow PlayEve Duncan, the forensic sculpting whiz, has been given a task in reconstructing the face of a child dug up from an eight year old grave. It came about because a sheriff in California sent her the skull and begged her to do her job. He is very much into the case personally. And he was aware of her reputation.

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Bonnie by Iris Johansen

Bonnie Reviewed by Allen Hott

Bonnie is quite a story. Not being a great believer in ghosts or the idea of seeing someone sit and talk with me after their death made it a bit hard to accept. However the book is so well written with a storyline that is moving throughout and actually right up to the final page.

Eve Duncan was completely wrapped up in her illegitimate baby .Eve worshiped Bonnie and spent as much time as possible with her daughter. So the tremendous shock to Eve’s system was easy to understand when Bonnie suddenly went missing while the two were in the park on a summer day.

Over the years Eve’s life went on but she never gave up on finding Bonnie’s body and her killer. She developed her skills through training and is accepted as one of the country’s best reconstruction artists. Because of her ability she has many friends in police work all over the country. Her long term relationship with Joe Quinn, a police detective has also kept her in touch with law enforcement.

One of her best friends is an FBI agent named Catherine Ling. Catherine is a top flight missing person’s investigator who comes into play helping Eve search for Bonnie. Not only Catherine and Joe are involved in the latest search but John Gallo, Bonnie’s father also comes into the picture. Gallo had been missing for some time. Gallo had gotten involved shortly after the Korean War with some Army Intelligence officers who used him to get some documents they were stealing. He had been arrested but then later escaped from a Korean prison loaded with many mental problems. Read the rest of this entry »

Blood Game by Iris Johansen

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Blood Game by Iris JohansenEve Duncan is back in Blood Game and still has not reconciled her mind to the disappearance and probable murder years ago of Bonnie, her young daughter. In this book Johansen not only weaves Bonnie into the overall texture of the story but also actually makes her into a fairly large character.

Duncan’s friend, Megan Blair, fears that some of her facilitator “skills” may have been passed on to Eve. They and Joe Quinn, Eve’s husband, were working on a case of missing, murdered children. During the excavating Megan had been injured and knocked unconscious. She feared that during that time she may have touched Eve or Joe and inadvertently made them also able to see spirits. It is not the thing that any of them would have wanted. Eve tells her not to worry but she doesn’t realize that Joe has in fact had some strange happenings occur to him recently.

Joe is a former FBI agent and present police officer in Atlanta so he is not too easily perturbed. He continues his work and puts the occurrences aside as a product of overwork. Read the rest of this entry »