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Flight of the Fox by Gray Basnight

Reviewed by Jud Hanson

Flight of the FoxProfessor Sam Teagarden never expected what happened one weekend as he was relaxing on his sundeck: the appearance of an armed drone over his head. He managed to escape but had to witness the death of his beloved pet and his 11-year old neighbor. Teagarden is forced to go on the run, carrying with him a mysterious document sent to him by an old acquaintance only days before: an encrypted FBI file dating back more than 50 years. There was a note with the file challenging Teagarden to see if he could decipher it, just for fun. Unfortunately, the file contains secrets the FBI wants to remain buried and they know the file was sent to Sam. A black ops team is dispatched to eliminate the threat and the resulting chase will run the length of the Eastern seaboard. The information in the file could turn American history on its head. The question is, would Americans prefer total transparency or blissful ignorance?
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The Cop with the Pink Pistol by Gray Basnight

The Cop with the Pink Pistol Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

The Cop with the Pink Pistol opens with Jose and Vasily, two small time crooks, picking an apartment to burgle that has nothing worth taking. Worse yet, Vasily, working the inside while Jose stands watch, is warned off when the little old woman starts up the building stairs to her home leading to a Vasily making a hasty exit. Not wanting to return to his partner empty handed, Vasily slips into another apartment a floor below and grabs the electronics and coins that are readily available.

What starts as a bumbled burglary turns into so much more and gives readers their first look at Donna Prima, the Italian American cop with an attitude. She’s smart, she’s funny and she’s tired of working the desk. And although she’s not a clothes horse or a fashionista, is does s pack a pink pistol strapped to her ankle. When she gets the opportunity to investigate the burglary of Connor Anderson’s apartment, she jumps at the chance. While there Connor mentions some strange activity at a store across the street, Donna is set to investigate. The only hitch is, Connor, who has always dreamed of being a cop, wants in. The tension between Connor the TV star from Mississippi and Donna steadily grows fluctuating between attraction and aggravation. But whether the chemistry between the two is running hot or cold, it is real. The relationship smacks quite a bit of Becket and Castle. Read the rest of this entry »