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What Remains of Her: A Novel by Eric Rickstad

Reviewed by Teri Davis

What Remains of HerWhen a mother and her daughter disappear, who is the likely suspect? Naturally, most law enforcement would accuse the husband. There is a catch, the husband is a professor of poetry at a local college and seems to sincerely miss both every second of every day. No clues, no evidence, the two seemed to have disappeared from the planet.

Jonah Blum sees his world ripped from him when his beautiful wife, Rebecca and his daughter, Sally vanish. A family of three become a lonesome one. The community along with the media, immediately throw guilty verdicts at Jonah, but there is no evidence, just circumstances.

Jonah’s long-time friends, Maurice immediately enlisted the help of his deputies in the search. Also, questioned was Sally’s best friend, Lucinda, who also happens to be Maurice’s daughter.

Jonah leaves his home and lives as a hermit. For a quarter of a century, life for him is simply survival in a cabin in the nearby woods. Read the rest of this entry »

Lie in Wait by Eric Rickstad

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Lie in WaitLie in Wait is, in stripped down terms, a bit of a cliché. The setting is a remote small town in Vermont, with a reasonably inexperienced police detective in charge of a brutal case. The victim is a teenaged girl babysitting-can you not just here the musical sound effects for this one? Her charges for the evening are the children of the attorney involved in a high profile, controversial case which threatens to tear the town apart and expose long hidden secrets. And yet, after a rather slow start, the book is captivating and very hard to put down.

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