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In the Heart of the Fire (Nameless Book 1) by Dean Koontz

Reviewed by Allen Hott

One interesting, but short, story by Koontz with a lot of his typical writing. He seems to always kind of write about the super natural or else spooky kind of scary stories that hold your attention and leave you wondering!

In the Heart of the Fire a guy who has some sort of amnesia is working for some type of organization that is run by the Ace of Diamonds. Although the amnesiac calls himself Ben Shepherd, the Ace has got him booked on transportation and in hotels as Alex Hurkos. (Throughout the book no revelation is made as to what caused his amnesia and why is he working for the Ace, who is also unknown throughout).

After arriving in a little town in Texas he checks into his hotel and retrieves information, money, and a revolver that he puts into his pocket. He has dinner and settles in for the evening wondering what all is going to happen tomorrow. During the night he receives several text messages with two names and three addresses. Read the rest of this entry »

Ashley Bell: A Novel by Dean Koontz

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Ashley BellThere is little doubt that Mr. Koontz can get into the head of the reader and he has done it again. This is quite a story but the reader must believe in many things and especially people being able to see into their future and also imagine themselves in that future.

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Bibi Blair is the heroine in this case and she does things that most of us wish we could do. Or maybe not? Because she seems to get into all sorts of trouble when she does her voyaging.

It starts sort of slowly as she is a ten year old living with her surfer parents off of Newport Beach in California. One day she finds and makes a home for a stray dog (whom she names Olaf). When she is bathing the dog in the garage below the apartment where her grandfather lived before passing away, Bibi hears strange noises coming from upstairs but she doesn’t check immediately. Read the rest of this entry »

Intensity by Dean Koontz

IntensityReviewed by Allen Hott

To be able to tackle Dean Koontz’ writings you have to have a fairly high level of Intensity. The man writes as few others do. His descriptions are vivid, lengthy, somewhat preachy, and undeniably intense. And Intensity is a novel primarily of descriptions. Interspersed in the descriptions are all of the mind’s ramblings that go on in the characters’ heads. Koontz delves deeply into the soul of the characters that he has written about.

Edgler Foreman Vess is a demented character that does every possible evil thing known to man. He captures and tortures both male and female folks for no known reason except he get thrills by doing so. He also kills for the same reasons. In his mind all of these strange and evil things bring up his level of Intensity.

Chyna Shepherd is a woman with a horrendous childhood that still causes her to have fears but also causes her to be able to survive many ordeals that would certainly wipe out most people.

Intensity is the story of how these two meet and then the twenty-four hour period of their lives where true intensity reigns. Especially for Chyna. How she reacts and responds to adversity is told by Koontz in an interestingly but definitely wordy manner.

Vess has many plans for Chyna much as he has had for others in his murderous past. However Chyna proves to be a much more formidable opponent than he had ever imagined. And when she takes on the care of another of Vess’ victims Chyna becomes an unimaginable adversary for Vess.

No review can adequately describe this book without giving away too many of the details. If you have never read Koontz and want to really work at reading a book, Intensity should be your choice. The work that you will expend will be more than made up by the satisfaction you will get from really enjoying a psychological thriller that keeps you involved right up to the end. Read, work and enjoy…this one is well worth it!