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Rescued: An Andy Carpenter Mystery (An Andy Carpenter Novel) by David Rosenfelt

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

RescuedAndy is called to come help with a truck load of dogs found at a rest stop. The driver of the truck, who was contracted to transport the dogs from Southern states to rescue groups in the Northeast is found dead having been shot. Andy is on board with the Tara Foundation taking on the care of the dogs, but he isn’t necessarily so ready to yield to Laurie’s request. Laurie asks Andy to defend her ex-fiance who is going to be charged with the murder. Dave Kramer had a history with the victim which is bound to come out, and while he admits he shot the victim, he claims it was in self defense. The problem is, there is no sign of the knife Dave claims the victim used to threaten and attack him.

As Andy begins to investigate he finds several things that don’t seem to add up. The Tara Foundation is having trouble locating the groups supposedly in line to accept the dogs. As is often the case, some folks are not quite who they appear to be which leads to some interesting twists to the plot along the way. Rescued, in my opinion, has one of the best legal cases running through it of the series. There is a fairly complicated solution to the murder which requires Andy and is team to look well beyond the dogs and into corporate America for their answers.
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Outfoxed: An Andy Carpenter Mystery (An Andy Carpenter Novel) by David Rosenfelt

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

OutfoxedOutfoxed, the fourteenth book in the Andy Carpenter series, has a little less dog and a lot more legal action than some of the previous books. That said, a Fox Terrier does get the entire story going, and of course Carpenter’s own dogs, Tara and Sebastian, still have “face time” in the book.

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Boomer, a Fox Terrier who is in the rescue shelter Andy runs, is one of the dogs used in the prisoner/dog training program. Boomer is paired with Brian Atkins, a client Andy inherited from a fellow lawyer and the pairing has been successful. That is until Brian uses Boomer to escape prison. The escape makes no sense to Andy given that Brian is up for parole and the odds of him getting it are fairly high. What is worse, Brian is now wanted for the murder of his wife as well as his former partner. Read the rest of this entry »

Hounded (An Andy Carpenter Novel) by David Rosenfelt

HoundedReviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Andy Carpenter rarely takes on cases anymore. He has plenty of money to live on and he’s content with running the Tara Foundation. But every so often, a situation comes up where Andy just cannot say no. Such is the case when his buddy, Paterson police officer Pete Stanton calls late one night asking Andy and Laurie to come to a crime scene. Danny Diaz, a former prisoner that Pete has helped in the past had called Pete in trouble asking Pete to come to his house, but when Pete arrives, Danny is dead and his son and dog are hiding. Pete wants Andy to investigate who killed Danny and asks that Andy and Laurie take the boy and dog to keep them out of the system. They agree to help, but things take an ugly turn when Pete becomes the main suspect in the murder. Read the rest of this entry »

Bury the Lead by David Rosenfelt

Bury the LeaedReviewed by Allen Hott

Andy Carpenter is a wealthy (through inheritance) defense lawyer who works in Northern New Jersey. He has many friends due in part probably due to his inheritance but also because he is a very likeable guy who does a good job defending clients. Most of his clients accept him for what he is which is a fanatical football fan with a great sense of humor. He does however have great legal maneuverability when he is in the court room doing his job. Just remember he doesn’t work weekends during football season because he is glued to the TV watching the games he has bet on as well as most all others that are being shown.

As the story begins Andy has just heard of another woman who was killed in the Passaic area of Jersey. This one is now the third in recent weeks and each has been strangled to death and then had her hands cut off. Strangely enough the supposed killer has been contacting a local newspaper reporter and telling him where the bodies are and how he killed them.

Vince Sanders, the editor of the paper that the reporter works for, is a good friend of Andy’s. He asks Andy to talk with Daniel Cummings, the reporter, to help keep both Cummings and the paper in the clear as far as the police are concerned. Andy agrees and also agrees to have Laurie Collins work with him. Laurie is a former police officer who does investigative work primarily for Andy who is her boyfriend. Somewhat like others of Andy’s friends Laurie had been defended by Andy on murder charges which were proven wrong. Also he defended Willie Miller, his partner in their dog rescue operation. Miller also was acquitted and he and Andy received a substantial amount of money through suits because of the incorrect charges of murder and slander. Read the rest of this entry »

Dog Tags by David Rosenfelt

Reviewed by Julie Moderson

Dog Tags by David RosenfeltDavid Rosenfelt is a true dog lover. He and his wife established the Tara Foundation that rescues dogs, mostly golden retrievers. He is an excellent writer and seems to like dogs as characters in his stories.

Dog Tags is about a wonderful German shepherd named Milo. Milo witnesses a murder that his owner is accused of. Billy Zimmerman is Milo’s owner and he wants to protect his dog. Andy Carpenter is asked by a friend to defend Milo and he ends up protecting Milo and defending Andy Carpenter. Read the rest of this entry »