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The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes: A Stewart Hoag Mystery (Stewart Hoag Mysteries) by David Handler

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

The Girl with the Kaliedoscope EyesStewart Hoag and his adorable dog Lulu return after a ten year absence. I had forgotten how much fun the pair is.

When Richard Aintree’s wife committed suicide, he abandoned his daughters and dropped out of site. Regina and Monette Aintree have grown up, moved on and created lives of their own. However, the sisters have not spoken in years. Now, out of the blue Monette received a letter from her father wanting to meet and explain his actions. Hoagie is hired to look into the authenticity of the letter and to write about the father-daughter reunion. If Richard Aintree is going to surface after all these years, it will be big news indeed. His one book was huge. Hoagie has mixed feelings about the project. He and Regina (Reggie) had a relationship at one time. Before traveling to Los Angeles to meet with Monette, he heads upstate to talk to Reggie about the letter and what he has been hire to do. Read the rest of this entry »

The Snow White Christmas Cookie: A Berger and Mitry Mystery (Berger and Mitry Mysteries) by David Handler

The Snow White Christmas Cookie Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Snow storm after snow storm has blanketed Dorset, Connecticut and people are getting a little crazy. Things are disappearing from the curbside mail boxes. The postmaster asks State Trooper Des Mitry to investigate on the sly as she is hesitant to have the postal authorities involved since people in Dorset often use mail boxes for things other than mail such as cash payments for the snow removal man and presents for the mail carriers-things that are strictly against postal regulations.

But missing mail is not the only problem plaguing Dorset. Bryce Peck, the black sheep of an influential family, has returned and moved into the family’s home next to Mitch Berger on Big Sister Island. He seemed to finally have his life back on track thanks to his life coach (and girlfriend) Josie Cantro. But then he unexpectedly commits suicide. Given the problems he was believed to have had, people weren’t all that surprised when it happened. However, when another townsperson also commits suicide, it seems unlikely to be a mere coincidence. When it turns out both victims were clients of the same life coach, Mitry starts digging into Josie’s past. This causes some uncomfortable moments between Mitry and Berger. Not only did Josie live with Bryce next door to Mitch, he has become fond of his new neighbor and is her frequent running partner.

On top of the missing mail and suicides, young Kylie Champlain crashes her car into Cantro’s office building after shoplifting an extremely expensive pair of boots. Mitry starts to fit the pieces together leading to some startling discoveries about the people in this small picturesque town. The author uses Mitry’s investigation to offer a sad commentary on the life all too many people are leading- not only in this small fictional town, but in real life everywhere. People have stopped participating in their own lives. Instead of working towards a realistic career, Kylie sits around dreaming of being a reality television star. Her mom is more involved with her cell phone than her own family and Kylie’s father is trying to relive his glory days with his first girlfriend from high school rather than tending to his family and business. Read the rest of this entry »