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Cave of Bones (A Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito Novel) by Anne Hillerman

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Cave of BonesManuelito is asked to fill in as a speaker for a group of troubled kids on an outdoor adventure. She didn’t want to do it but reluctantly agreed . However, when she arrives at the group’s campsite, she discovers one of the campers failed to return from the solo overnight portion of the trip and a counselor went to find her. He too has failed to return. Eventually the missing girl does show up but the counselor does not and Manuelito calls out a search and rescue team. The girl who was missing is the daughter of a tribal council woman and so almost immediately politics enter into the mix with the mother trying to prevent the police from questioning the girl who may hold the key to locating the counselor. Eventually Annie, the girl, does speak with Manuelito and among other things describes the cave where she spent the night as filled with bones. This causes Manuelito in to notify authorities so the cave can be found and secured before the bones are disturbed anymore as the cave might be a sacred Navajo burial site and at the very least it contains human remains which the Navajo do not touch.

From there Manuelito gets involved with the foundation that runs the camp, stumbles onto a pot stealing ring and gets caught up in a lot of bad weather.

Meanwhile, Chee is in Santa Fe for a training course and also takes some time to check in with Darlene, Manuelito’s troubles sister who is there for a short art course. Read the rest of this entry »