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Blood Money by James Grippando

bloodmoneyReviewed by Allen Hott

This must have been patterned after the Casey Anthony case in Florida and if nothing else perhaps those investigating that famous case should read Blood Money! I feel certain that there are some very good leads or ideas in this book for that real life case of a missing young girl and the arrest of her mother for the crime.

Grippando has really built an interesting case in this novel which again features Jack Swytek. Swytek is a defense attorney who along with his FBI agent fiancée, Andie Henning, does a lot of investigating in Grippando’s books. He is in the midst of defending Shot Mom which is the name that Breaking News Network (BNN) has given to Sydney Bennett who is accused of murdering her two year old daughter. Bennett has a reputation as a party girl who supposedly paid little attention to the daughter.

Swytek is able to get a Not Guilty verdict and it is mainly because there was no evidence connecting anyone to the remains of the daughter when she was found. Her body was in a very bad condition and about all that was learned was that she probably drowned.

However due to the press and especially BNN Bennett has become somewhat of a notorious celebrity who is followed by many and hated also by many. A terrible twist occurs however when Bennett is to be released from prison Right before a staged release another girl looking exactly like Bennett is hit in the head as the waiting mob gets overzealous and mean. Read the rest of this entry »