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The Tale Teller: A Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito Novel by Anne Hillerm

Reviewed by Jud Hanson

The Tale TellerNow retired, Joe Leaphorn is asked by the manager of a local museum to recover a missing item. An anonymous donor sent items to the museum but one of the items on the enclosed inventory is missing. Although he is still recovering from a severe gunshot injury, Leaphorn is determined to not let that hinder his efforts to solve this case. At the same time, Officer Bernie Manuelito and Jim Chee are tasked with solving a rash of strange burglaries in the area. The investigation takes a strange turn when Manuelito comes across a dead man while on her daily run at a local park. Unknown to Leaphorn, Chee and Manuelito, their separate investigations will eventually collide in a tangled web of blackmail and revenge. Read the rest of this entry »

Cave of Bones (A Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito Novel) by Anne Hillerman

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Cave of BonesManuelito is asked to fill in as a speaker for a group of troubled kids on an outdoor adventure. She didn’t want to do it but reluctantly agreed . However, when she arrives at the group’s campsite, she discovers one of the campers failed to return from the solo overnight portion of the trip and a counselor went to find her. He too has failed to return. Eventually the missing girl does show up but the counselor does not and Manuelito calls out a search and rescue team. The girl who was missing is the daughter of a tribal council woman and so almost immediately politics enter into the mix with the mother trying to prevent the police from questioning the girl who may hold the key to locating the counselor. Eventually Annie, the girl, does speak with Manuelito and among other things describes the cave where she spent the night as filled with bones. This causes Manuelito in to notify authorities so the cave can be found and secured before the bones are disturbed anymore as the cave might be a sacred Navajo burial site and at the very least it contains human remains which the Navajo do not touch.

From there Manuelito gets involved with the foundation that runs the camp, stumbles onto a pot stealing ring and gets caught up in a lot of bad weather.

Meanwhile, Chee is in Santa Fe for a training course and also takes some time to check in with Darlene, Manuelito’s troubles sister who is there for a short art course. Read the rest of this entry »

Song of the Lion (A Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito Novel) by AnneHillerman

Reviewed by Dianne Woodman

Song of the LionSong of the Lion is a continuation of the Leaphorn, Chee, and Manuelito series. This engrossing and fast-paced mystery is set in Southwestern United States, and Navajo Police Officer Bernadette “Bernie” Manuelito is the central figure in the book.

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Bernie is off duty and watching a student versus alumni basketball game at Shiprock High School gym that is packed with fans, when there is a noise that grabs her attention. She rushes to the parking lot and discovers that a car has exploded, multiple cars are damaged, and a young unidentified man is gravely injured. Bernie immediately calls the police station for back-up and works at both keeping the crime scene from being contaminated and the crowd from panicking.

Since the car was rigged with a bomb, federal agencies take the lead on the case. The owner of the demolished car is a lawyer, Aza Palmer, who is the mediator between Native Americans, environmentalists, economic developers, government agencies, and other interested parties who are gathering together to discuss a highly controversial proposed resort development on Navajo land near the Grand Canyon. As a result of the bombing and threatening e-mails, Bernie’s husband, Sergeant Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police, is assigned to be Palmer’s bodyguard during the negotiation meetings in Tuba City. Read the rest of this entry »

Rock With Wings by Anne Hillerman (Review #2)

Reviewed by Dianne Woodman

Rock with WingsRock with Wings is the second book in an exciting and captivating series featuring the husband and wife team of Bernie Manuelito and Jim Chee, who are both Navajo Nation police officers in the American Southwest.

Bernie and Chee drive from their home in Shiprock to Monument Valley for a short vacation. However, it is interrupted when Bernie finds out her sister has disappeared and left their frail mother at home alone. Bernie goes home to deal with her family crisis, and Chee stays in Monument Valley to help his cousin, who is in the final steps of launching a tourism business. Read the rest of this entry »

Rock with Wings by Anne Hillerman

Rock with WingsReviewed by Caryn St. Clair

When Tony Hillerman died, the mystery community not only lost a great man, but mourned to loss of one of the most consistently stellar series around. The thought of not having a yearly fix of Leaphorn and Chee was just unbearable. Then his daughter Anne Hillerman took over writing about the Navajo Tribal Police using her father’s characters of Jim Chee, Joe Leaphorn and Bernadette Manuelito. While her father’s books were told from the perspective ot Leaphorn and Chee, Anne Hillerman has chosen to give Bernie Manuelito a voice. It works perfectly. Read the rest of this entry »

Spider Woman’s Daughter by Anne Hillerman

spiderwomansdaughterReviewed by Dianne Woodman

Anne Hillerman has written an intriguing mystery set in the heart of Indian country. The crime takes place in Arizona in the city of Window Rock, the capital of the Navajo nation. Intricate details about Navajo history, traditions, beliefs, and superstitions are interwoven seamlessly into contemporary lifestyles.

In Spider Woman’s Daughter, Joe Leaphorn, a retired Navajo police officer, is shot at point blank range and is barely clinging to life. The only eyewitness to the shooting is Officer Bernadette “Bernie” Manuelito, who is forced to take a leave of absence from her job as a result. This frustrates Bernie; she has made a promise to Leaphorn that she will hunt down the person responsible for the attempted murder of a man she thinks of as family. Read the rest of this entry »