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The Better Sister: A Novel by Alafair Burke

Reviewed by Vickie Dailey

I really enjoyed reading this book. I’ve long since enjoyed her father’s mystery novels and Alafair measures up.

We first meet the younger sister Chloe who has the splashy life working for a popular magazine. Chloe is now married to Adam and they have a stepson Ethan; however, nothing is as it seems – the happy marriage is not so happy and the son is not a happy teen. Read the rest of this entry »

Never Tell by Alafair Burke

Never TellReviewed by Caryn St. Clair

A sixteen-year-old girl is dead, wrists slit in her bathtub and a suicide note is left on her bed-an obvious suicide. The mother doesn’t think so and insists the police send homicide to investigate. NYPD Detective Ellie Hatcher and her partner JJ Rogan are sent to the scene, but they quickly decide that it is a suicide and leave. This was just the first in a series of bad moves on the part of Ellie and Rogan. The girl’s family is wealthy and the parents are well connected and so Ellie and Rogan are called on the carpet for their lack of an investigation almost immediately. Returning to the scene, there is one small point that Rogan feels might point in another direction. Even though Ellie truly believes Julia took her own life, she acknowledges Rogan’s point and their investigation begins. Their investigation however is hampered from the beginning by the well meaning, yet interfering parents. Their offer of a reward without telling the police and then paying the reward after the police asked them not to, threatens to derail the investigation by wasting valuable time. When the parents hire their own private investigator it leaves Hatcher and Rogan to play catch up with key witnesses.

Where their investigation leads, takes readers into the heart of a community where appearances matter most, but things are seldom as they seem. From an exclusive prep school to wealthy families to the rough street life of runaway/throwaway kids, Never Tell brings readers to the point where they all intersect. It seems that everyone in this novel has a secret to hide. What Hatcher and Rogan need to find is whose secrets could have caused a young girl to die? Read the rest of this entry »

Long Gone by Alafair Burke

Long GoneReviewed by Patricia Reid

Alice Humphrey’s chance meeting with Drew Campbell at first glance appears to be a lucky break. Alice is unemployed and Drew Campbell offers her a chance to run a gallery and be her own boss. Alice’s father is a famous Hollywood producer and Alice had starred in some roles as a child star. Alice harbors some bad feelings towards her father and this opportunity to do something exciting on her own without any help from her family is just too good to pass up.

Alice took Drew up on his offer and opened the Highline Gallery. Drew’s story was that his client was willing to finance the gallery with the provision that Hans Schuler, an artist his client had an interest in, would have a private showing at the gallery. Schuler’s art was anything but normal but Alice felt that she would be able to pick the art shown at the gallery once she got Schuler’s show out of the way. Schuler’s art did sell but it was more from on line orders that walk in customers. The artist had a gimmick of sending a jump drive of his art with each purchase. Alice’s friend Lily at first thought Drew Campbell was just blowing smoke and would never rent the space for the gallery but later encouraged Alice to accept the position. Alice had just gotten the opening over with when suddenly the Highline Gallery is being picketed by a fanatic church organization. The church declared that the art displayed in the gallery was actually child pornography. Read the rest of this entry »

212 by Alafair Burke

Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

212Three people are murdered; a college student, a real estate agent and the bodyguard of a rich real estate tycoon. Are these murders connected? If so, what could the connection possible be?

Alafair Burke begins this story with woman placing a call to 911 to report a shooting that had taken place in a penthouse. The 911 operator tried to get the woman to give her name but before she could do this the woman hung up the phone and disappeared.

Detective Ellie Hatcher and her partner J.J. Rogan are assigned to investigate the 911 call. They are in for quite a surprise once they arrive at the apartment. A naked man had been shot in his bed. The apartment belonged to Sam Sparks, a real estate tycoon. The dead man was Sam’s bodyguard.

Megan Gunther is a college student who discovers through a website that someone is stalking her and seems to know everything about her schedule. The police stated they could not do anything because no law had been broken. Megan ends up murdered and her roommate is now missing. Read the rest of this entry »