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Storm Front (A Virgil Flowers Novel) by John Sandford

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Storm FrontVirgil Flowers, the Minnesota state special agent, is really wrapped up in this one. It starts with an archeologist from the U.S. who is working on a special dig in the Mediterranean coastal region. The region is famous as being a historic religious are that was frequented by Hebrews, Muslims, and many other groups around the time of Moses and other famous people of that time and era.

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The American guy (not from birth as his ancestry is deeply entwined in this area) decides when the group of archeologists discover a supposedly very famous stele or rock that perhaps he should take it back to the states for its monetary value. No the others don’t know his plans but find out about the adventure once he has fled the country with the rock. His plan is to auction it to the highest bidder and use the monies for providing for his wife who is institutionalized for dementia or Alzheimer’s. He knows that he is dying of cancer and is worried about how she can survive without him.

So back to Minnesota he goes and begins building up a list of potential buyers since as a professor of religion he knows much about the stone’s value and who would pay dearly to have it.

However when all sides of the religious factions find out about it they head to Minnesota also to be the ones to hopefully get the rock before it even goes on the so called auction block. Most of these people though with religious backgrounds also have ties to people who are probably descended from some of the original warriors of Israel, Greece, and the other countries in that area. So they not only come but they come willing to do battle or whatever is necessary to get the stone back for their particular side.

Virgil is presently doing his normal police type activities and is specifically closely watching Ma Nobles and her brood of five illegitimate boys who range in ages from about 8 to 19. She and several of the older ones are in the business of buying and selling fake “ancient” well preserved lumber. Virgil likes this particular assignment because his male instincts are drawn to Ma and her body.

However his boss tells him that he is to meet and take care of a visiting governmental dignitary from one of the afore-mentioned Middle Eastern countries.

Little does Virgil, his boss, or anyone else understand what is about to happen in the state of Minnesota. Not only that but Virgil’s new body to watch seems to become someone who has a lot more on her mind than just being a pleasant governmental type person.

Before you get to the end of this novel you will meet many, many different people from many different places and with many different motives for getting ahold of the rock. Yes, as you can imagine there is gun play, fights, even a death or two that add to the action of Virgil’s routine. Sometimes you need a pen and pencil to keep up with not only the names but the cultures and backgrounds of all these folks and exactly where, why, and how they are involved.

Interesting read that keeps moving although some of the twists tend to slow it a bit. Flowers himself is quite a character and loves the women of all shapes and sizes!

A good one to keep you brain functioning!!

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