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Stone Cold (The Camel Club Book 3) by David Baldacci

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The famous Camel Club belonging to David Baldacci’s series of books comes back in Stone Cold. As is usually the case Oliver Stone is the main character and as a government investigator he is knee deep in a story of wealth and murder. Stone himself is quite different in this one as he is not known by that name but was known as John Carr, another longtime investigator.

And as John Carr he was supposedly killed and buried! But then someone dug that body up and the grave is now empty so is John Carr alive and well or was someone else buried in the grave? That whole mystery is only one part of Stone Cold as Oliver Stone works his way around trying to solve murders and save folks from being murdered.

One of the main culprits happens to be Jerry Bagger who is the casino king. At the present time Bagger is very interested in finding Annabelle Conroy, a very pretty con woman who managed by hook or crook to get a tremendous amount of money from one of his casinos! She has since disappeared and is no doubt on the run with the cash.

However as Oliver Stone works his way back into the past to dig up some old facts about current politicians and their evil doings he manages to meet up with Annabelle. They become quite a duo as they embark on their separate journeys but via similar paths.

Stone’s Camel Club does a good job of hiding and protecting Annabelle but it seems that she has more ideas in mind. Though Stone is not in complete agreement with her ideals he does manage to put enough time and energy into not only helping her but also making this story much more interesting.

Harry Finn, a very talented and dangerous opponent of Stone’s turns up and immediately becomes quite an obstacle and yes even a target! For all the good things about Stone and his Club he is definitely known to be a man who will kill to get the job done if that is what is needed for those he protects and especially for his government.

As usual a good, fast and thought provoking read by Baldacci who is still one of the masters of his trade!

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