Stay Hidden A Novel (Mike Bowditch Mysteries) by Paul Doiron

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Stay HiddenMike Bowditch, the Maine Warden Investigator, is out on his first case as an investigator. He has been a Maine Game Warden for some time but just recently earned this promotion. And it appears from the way he handled his first case in his new job his supervisors may not be overly thrilled with his work. However overall when they sit down with him and others involved I believe they will end up realizing he did a very good job based on all of the circumstances.

A very well-known controversial author, Ariel Evans, has been shot to death by a hunter on Maquoit Island. That is a very remote island off the coast of Maine with a very sparse population and is known somewhat by some battles between several factions on the island. It is also known as a spot for drug usage, sales, and people associated with the whole drug mess.

However when Mike arrives on the island he finds out a lot of different things that neither he nor his superiors were aware of. To begin with there are definitely two factions. But the ones mainly supposedly connected with the drug business are pretty well off on their own. The rest of the inhabitants seem to be getting along pretty well together under the guidance or “rule” of Harmon Reed. Harmon Reed is the harbormaster, first assessor, chairman of the planning board, and pretty much dictates what goes on in their faction of the island.

Supposedly a young man named Kenneth Crowley confessed to accidentally shooting the lady. After Mike and the constable assigned with him arrive Reed very audaciously commands that Crowley did not confess. He also states that Crowley was very much in full view of many of the island residents when the lady was shot and they all can attest to the fact that he didn’t do it.

Mike also learns fairly early on that there is a hermit who lives out on a secluded part of the island that no one has any dealings with.
As the story goes along it turns out that the lady who had been shot was seen earlier making her way to the hermit’s somewhat hidden place.

But wait! About the time that Mike and some of the other folks really begin to do more investigating, a new arrival to the island turns out to be the real Ariel Evans. And the woman who was shot was in fact her sister who had been horning in on Ariel’s life quite often lately. She figured out Ariel was going to interview the Hermit for a story.

Mike now has to now figure out what all is going on with the folks on the island, the hermit, and why did someone want to kill Ariel.
Not only why but who did actually kill her and was it an accident?

Overall quite a story and very well written. Lots of happenings and changes as far as who did what to whom! And a great read!

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