Splinter in the A Novel Blood (Carver and Lake) by Ashley Dyer

Reviewed by Teri Davis

Splinter in the BloodHave you ever noticed that murderers who have a touch of creativity in their killings seem to be remembered by a particular nickname making them more infamous? The Son of Sam, The Zodiac Killer, and Jack the Ripper are only a few with this notorious distinction. Add to this list now is The Thorn Killer who slowly poisons his victims from a poisonous ink tattooed to their bodies with thorns, instead of needles. This unusual technique creates the Splinter in the Blood.

Imagine a murder where the hunter becomes the hunted. That is Splinter in the Blood.

Detective Greg Carver is in the sitting room of his home. He has blood on him, obviously from being shot in the chest. His partner, Detective Sergeant Ruth Lake is holding a 1911 Colt pistol. She quickly places the gun, files, posters about The Thorn Killer grabbing anything connected with the case and carrying it to the trunk of her car. All evidence is always left at the police station, not at the lead detective’s home. As she wipes the house of fingerprints, she notices that there seems to be some movement from Greg’s eyes. Could he be alive?

Yes, Greg Carver is alive, but for how long? What does he remember about the shooting? Ruth is off the case of The Thorn Killer. A new team is taking over the entire Thorn Killer investigation. Ruth quickly realizes that she and Greg were close to solving the case and that the replacing detectives will be new to learning all the information already discovered. Deciding that she needs to be at the hospital with Greg, she decides to take the evidence from Greg’s home and continue on her own without the knowledge of the new team. As Ruth begins to wonder if The Thorn Killer is watching either Greg, herself, or both, she wonders if she can save Greg, future victims and possibly herself from this t psychotic killer?

Ashley Dyer is the name created by two authors collaboratively writing this debut novel. Margaret Murphy is a published novelist of nine police procedural and psychological suspense novels as well as a Writing Fellow and Reading Round Lector for the Royal Literary Fund as well as a past-chair of the Crime Writers’ Association and founder of Murder Squad.
Helen Pepper previously worked as an analyst, forensic scientist, scene of crime officer, CSI, and crime scene manager. She is also a consultant on both Shetland and Vera television series as well as co-authoring professional policing texts.

Splinter in the Blood is a superb collaboration to create the new author Ashley Dyer. The characterization is phenomenal allowing realistic people, not characters. The plot is one of the most intriguing and intricate while being entirely addicting for any reader.

Splinter in the blood is for the adult reader who can sleep comfortably without nightmares from what they read. There is violence, gore, and explicit torture. Unquestionably the book is one of the most intense thrillers of all time.

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