Solitude Creek (A Kathryn Dance Novel) by Jeffery Deaver

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Solitude CreekMr. Deaver always writes great stories and this is another. Perhaps the only complaint would be that there are almost too many plots or subplots. The last few chapters had to do a tremendous amount of work to gather together and wrap things up in each particular section.

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Kathryn Dance is a California Bureau of Investigation agent with special skills in kinesics. She is in some trouble as she let a possible killer loose when she didn’t read any bad signs in her interview. She is taken from that case and put on others wherein she is to just watch and advise. No guns allowed either while on duty for some reason.

At the same time someone appears to have set up a crowded music establishment at Solitude Creek for a stampede. They blocked the exits and set fires outside to get smoke in the building to cause panic. Several people were killed and many were hurt.

Shortly thereafter another similar crime is committed and Dance gets deep into the investigations, trying to figure out the person who is doing it and why. Perhaps retaliation for what??

When she does have time off and is home she finds things there are not going well either as her daughter appears to be having social problems at school and her son continues to be off somewhere which is raising questions as to just what is he doing.

As all of these things are going down Dance, a widow trying to keep some stability in her household, appears to be falling for a guy who moved in to help with her kids and give her assistance in her police work. But wait! It also appears that one of the other agents that she works with is not only sparking her interest but is having his own problems in his family life. What a bunch of mental turmoil for most of the main characters! And what possibilities for the author, huh?

Yes, Dance does continue on working to find the stampede-maker and who else is involved in that horrendous criminal activity.

Typical Deaver. Lots of action and great reading with the normal twists and turns coming into play at the end.

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