So Pretty It Hurts: A Bailey Weggins Mystery by Kate White

So Pretty It HurtsReviewed by Elizabeth Sheehan

Bailey Weggins is a true-crime journalist working for Buzz located in New York city. She is invited by a co-worker to a weekend house party about 2 hours from Manhattan and which they find very secluded. Their host is Scott Cohan a music mogul. An interesting array of guests attend; with the main one being Devon Barr a famous model. Along with being extremely flirtatious we find that Devon has an eating disorder. As luck would have it Devon is found dead by Bailey.To make matters worse a wicked snow and ice storm makes it impossible for any of the guests to leave and the police are unable to get there for a while. While in Devon’s room Bailey discovers a bottle of syrup of ipecac which causes vomiting. When the police do arrive they find that the bottle is missing and Bailey then begins to doubt that Devon’s death is accidental.

As she investigates she is shoved down a flight of stairs and when she returns to Buzz she is asked to leave her job. She is persistent and all ends well.

I enjoyed reading this novel but I have to say that there is not much depth to the story. The characters are unreal at times, including the main character. This book is not a bad read but not the best either.

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