So Pretty It Hurts: A Bailey Weggins Mystery by Kate White (Review #4)

So Pretty It Hurts Reviewed by Vickie Dailey

This is the sixth outing for Kate White’s amatuer sleuth Bailey Weggins. When Bailey’s boyfriend has another unexpected trip out of town – Bailey accerpts her friend and Buzz magazine co-worker Jessie’s invite to a weekend house party.

In a seculded old barn the guests assemble – Devon, the model turned singer, her manager & his wife, Scott the host of the party, Devon’s former boyfriend and his new girl all assemble to preview Devon’s new music. Everyone soons finds themselves snowed in. Tensions start to run high with hidden secrets. When Devon is found dead in her room – the power then goes out leaving the suspects in darkness.

Bailey finds herself in the middle of a breaking story for Buzz magazine. The story has Bailey trying to find the killer using her article as an excuse to grill her former weekend guestmates.

While there are several odd plot digressions that seem to go nowhere, this is a pretty good story and well worth the clever plot twist at the end.

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