So Pretty It Hurts: A Bailey Weggins Mystery by Kate White (Review #3)

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Bailey Weggins returns in So Pretty it Hurts in a “country house party” themed mystery. While there are some variations for the standard formula-like the fact that people go home before the mystery is solved, most of the elements are there in this well executed book. A group of relative strangers are guests for the weekend at a remotely situated house, a mysterious death occurs and there is a snow storm that delays the guests’ departures. Therefore, the list of suspects is limited to the people at the house, even though the guests do eventually leave and the crime is not solved until much later. In fact, when the guests leave, it’s not clear if the death was a crime or just from natural causes.

Bailey Weggins, a true crime writer who freelances for the celebrity magazine Buzz, covers celebrity deaths, so when her friend Jessie invites Bailey to join her a house party for the weekend that was going to be loaded with big named people, work wasn’t really on Bailey’s mind. It wasn’t that is, until a famous model turned singer dies in her sleep. Bailey promptly starts nosing around and discovers some things that just don’t quite add up. The more Bailey investigates, the more sure she is that the Devon, the dead model, had help in her death.

Unlike some of the earlier books in the series, there really isn’t very much romance in the book. Bailey is uneasy in her new relationship and while there were couples at the house party, there was more fighting than romance. Another interesting omission is blood or violence. The victim died in her sleep and while Bailey gets herself into some scrapes, there really isn’t any blood, guns, knives or whatnot usually associated with murder. Those two elements lead to the one real negative with the book and that is there is painfully little action of any sort to drive the book. The mystery was interesting and well done, but the pace was quite slow in places.

This is the sixth book in the Bailey Weggins series, and fans of the series will surely be pleased with it, but readers who have not read any of the previous books will also enjoy this book. There isn’t really a need to know Bailey’s back story when reading So Pretty it Hurts.

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