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Running Blind (Jack Reacher) by Lee Child

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Running BlindJack Reacher at his best! Strangely enough it would seem that the traveling crime solver would be finished with his specialty. He just inherited a house from an old commanding officer of his who had taught him most of what Reacher knows about crime solving and living! It also turns out that after all the years they had worked together Reacher is now almost married to the old man’s daughter. But that may come later, who knows?

As usual however this story begins with a typical Reacher maneuver. He had just finished dinner at an Italian restaurant in Manhattan when he noticed two tough looking guys talking in a harsh way with the owner. They made some gestures that appeared to show they planned to do damage to his restaurant if he didn’t respond to them. Reacher talks to the owner and finds out the two are coming back in an hour to get his first payment for “security” from other gangs.

Reacher waits and corners the two on their return. He tells them he is the business manager of the restaurant and has their money. He takes them into an alley under the subterfuge of making payment but instead beats both of them pretty badly and leaves a taped message on the one’s forehead that says “Mostro’s has protection already”.

Just a typical Reacher beginning and it will appear later in the real plot of Running Blind. But for now Reacher is picked up by the FBI and taken in for either questioning or perhaps for assistance. It appears that several former WACs have been found murdered and in strange ways. They were found in bathtubs that were filled with camouflage green paint as used by the military.

The women who had intended to make the military a career left because of not only being sexually molested by men but because they could not get any proper assistance when they complained. It appears that the FBI and Serial Crimes Unit of the government are working to not only solve the mystery of the deaths but to prevent future happenings of the same caliber.

Reacher has been chosen to “assist” the group because it seems that he was not only familiar with these two women but with many other women who now appear on the FBI’s list of potential victims. In Reacher’s military career he became involved with many of these type cases. Because Reacher is concerned about the deaths and other possibilities he is ready to help but not happy about their presence. He likes to work alone but they assign a female agent to go with him so they can monitor his actions.

And then this is like other Reacher stories. He moves around a lot and always without any money (good he has a partner this time). He does begin working the case and as usual he solves it.

But this solution is like none the reader will expect! Great story with a very good ending.

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