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Run for Your Life by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

Run for Your Life by James PattersonBeing a cop in a large city such as New York can be a very difficult job in the work you perform, the job you take home with you, and the perpetrators that are always in your mind. Detective Michael Bennett had been a cop for quite a few years and thought he had met some weird criminals but this new perp that called himself The Teacher was possibly the worst ever. He was killing, seemingly taking no definite direction regarding his victims as to location or individuality. And his killing was increasing too quickly to keep up with or where he would next strike.

Bennett had lost his wife, Mauve, less than a year ago. She was his rock and salvation being there to give Michael comfort when he came home downhearted because of work problems. Mauve knew how to “be there” for him whether it was a hug, a beer, words of encouragement, or anything else that caused him to be out of sorts. But Mauve wasn’t there now, only his nanny, Mary Catherine, who lived in a nearby apartment, filled in caring for the ten adopted children he and Mauve had adopted and loved so much. Huge problems existed in the Bennett apartment when the kids started coming down with some bug and were vomiting, sometimes not in the proper place! Thank God Mary Catherine was there to assist with the kids.

Amidst the sickness Bennett was trying to find this killer that struck anywhere, anytime, and dressed himself in ways that made it even more difficult to track and find. Several task forces were formed due to pressure the Police Commissioner was placing on Bennett and all that had been thrown into the fray. Days went on with no further progress in the killers search but Bennett’s kids still were taking their turns puking. Poor Michael and poor Mary Catherine. Rest for both was hard to get. A reporter had broken some news not released and Bennett’s superiors accused him of leaking the information.

The Teacher escalated his killing using more disguises and appearing in the least likely areas to do his killing. The police always seemed to be one step behind. The Teacher sent his “mission statement” to the reporter who took it to Bennett. She wanted to get on his good side now. The statement made no sense other than he would kill more unless certain statements he wanted published we so done. Eventually the Teacher and Bennett made contact by email but there was still no information on where this guy was or where he would strike next.

You certainly have the gist of the story now and I consider “Run For Your Life” one of the best these authors have written in some time. I used to always read every James Patterson book, even the ones he co-authored. The last book I was very disappointed in after reading and did not even write a review. This book is very well written with a very good story and great characters.

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