Resistant by Michael Palmer

ResistantReviewed by Cy Hilterman

Have you ever been sick with a bug of some time that the medical profession is stumped? Michael Palmer lays out a terrific story about the search for a cure of one such illness that the medical field secretly is working on to save those that have had or are showing signs of contracting the bug. There is so much danger, not only to those attempting to find a cure, but for each person working on this top secret project, they face constant danger from others that have a hint of what is going on and what this bug can do.

Resistant is so good. Michael Palmer has written real thrillers with lots of twists and turns previously. He is an excellent writer. He develops great characters and inter-mingles them into the stories he writes. The settings include several hospitals, laboratories, millionaires at work and most dangerous games, and some wilderness travels that some take for relaxation. A lot of pre-chapter quotes appear before a chapter starts, many of which are referring to the “100 Neighbors” a group who has been fighting mostly against the United States leadership from its beginning. They are very secretive groups that have strong and famous men as their leaders. They are against the way people receive things from the government that help preserve their ability to live safe and healthy. They can and do barbaric things to try to gain their means. Such things as Social Security, Medicare, welfare in any part, and down to localized laws and benefits the mass receives.

If you like a real mystery that a very good author has spun for us, you must read this book. It is not a book that delves into too many unknown subjects without explaining those projects very well. Thanks you Michael for a terrific book. We all should look forward to your next book.

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