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Redemption (Memory Man series Book 5) by David Baldacci

Reviewed by Allen Hott

RedemptionAmos Decker, he who is long on memory and quick on solving crimes is at it again. This time he has returned to Burlington, Ohio where he used to live. He is there to visit the grave of his wife and of his daughter, who would have been fourteen this day. The two of them were murdered in their home some years ago when Amos worked in that city as a police officer.

While Amos is in the graveyard he is approached by a gentleman that at first is unrecognizable to Amos but then he realizes that it is Meryl Hawkins. Hawkins was put in jail back when Amos lived there. Amos built the case that Hawkins was convicted in and sent to jail for life. He has recently been released due to the fact that he has terminal cancer and the state turned him free to die on the outside. Amos talks with him and Hawkins claims again that he was innocent of the crime.

Amos’s old partner, Mary Lancaster, had told Hawkins that Amos was back and at the cemetery. She feels there is evidence that casts much doubt on Hawkins having been guilty. Once Amos meets up with her and they discuss things he begins to have severe doubts about what he did years ago. He then decides he will stay in Burlington for a while and do some deep research on the case. This decision does mean that his new partner has to return to D.C. alone and tell their boss what Amos is doing. His boss decides that Amos will be put on unofficial time off and get no help in looking back on the case. The boss is not happy!

As Amos begins working many things happen. He finds out that Hawkins’ daughter who was a desperate drug addict and who helped convict her father is in fact still alive. She is well, married, and doing very well for herself. But things haven’t gone well for Hawkins since Amos arrived back in town.

When Amos and Lancaster go to talk with Hawkins in more detail, they find that he had just been shot dead, right before they got to where he was staying. This turn of events convinces both Lancaster and Amos that there is something very sinister going on in the old neighborhood.

They, joined by a former football player who is a close friend of Amos, begin digging into the many, many characters that now make up a big part of the city. Some are new to Burlington but some have been there for the entire time that Amos and his crew is looking into. The strange part of it is that they all seem to be connected in one way or another to each other although they are from different walks of life and different professions.

There are one or two new things that have transpired and one of these being a restaurant owned by the wife of one of the men that Hawkins is supposed to have killed. That restaurant has a pleasant appearance but as the story unwinds there is much going on there besides serving meals!

Another great one by Baldacci and it moves along very well. If I have a complaint it is the fact that there are an abundance of significant characters and some like Mars, Kats, and other similar looking or spelled names cause a bit of confusion. But it is all well worth it. Great read all the way to the end.

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