Pretty Girls: A Novel by Karin Slaughter

Reviewed by Gina Metz

Pretty GirlsClaire and Lydia’s sister disappeared over twenty years ago. No trace of her has ever been found. The disappearance destroyed the family. Their parents divorced. Their father couldn’t give up hope and continued to follow every lead he could develop until he ultimately committed suicide.

Lydia became a wild child who delved into drugs and other reckless behavior. Claire the youngest was ignored while her parents tried to come to grips with their loss. Later Claire marries and becomes the trophy wife of a millionaire in Atlanta. During Lydia’s drug years she has a massive falling out with Claire and their Mother and they have been estranged and haven’t spoken for all of these years.

When Lydia became pregnant her daughter saves her life. While expecting her daughter Lydia gets clean and has stayed clean. She is in a long term relationship with her neighbor who is an ex-con and also a recovering addict. Lydia’s daughter is now seventeen years old.

The book begins with the violent murder of Claire’s husband Paul. At the same time another girl has vanished in Atlanta. Her disappearance brings thoughts of their sister to both Claire and Lydia. These events bring Claire and Lydia back together to try to solve both the mystery of Claire’s husband’s murder and the disappearance of their sister.

Pretty Girls is an excellent addition to the books written by Karin Slaughter. It kept this reader up half the night to finish it as I just could not put it down until I did finish it. Just when you think you have it all figured out she throws in another twist. I cannot wait for future books by Karin Slaughter. They always keep you on the edge of your seat!

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