Political Suicide by Michael Palmer

Political Suicide Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

Political Suicide is a great book. I have read most of Michael Palmer’s books and have not been disappointed on any of them, but this one is possibly the best. Dr. Lou Welcome is a member of a Washington, DC medical group, Physician Wellness Group, a group that oversees professional men that need help usually because of drinking or drugs. The referrals he got sometimes led to a person that really needed and wanted help but others refused to think that they needed assistance of any kind. Besides that part-time chore, he works in the emergency room at Eisenhower Memorial Hospital almost full time. When Congressman Elias Colston was found murdered and one of Lou’s best friends, Dr. Gary McHugh, was charged with the murder, Lou was called to confer with his friend and see if there was anything he could do for a man that he felt could not murder anyone. Gary had called his attorney who sent one of his lawyers, Sarah Cooper, to meet with Gary and get the details.

Mantis was an operation, military in scope, similar to, but more expert than the Seals or Special Forces, and also very secretive. Their boastful leader, Colonel Wyatt Brody, thought he and his men were above the law since they did so many important things for their country. We learn some of their training outings and see how brutal and how the lack of care for the men was a part of Mantis. Enter Secretary of Defense Spencer Hogarth, who had a great interest in the case, who attempts to bribe a Maryland State Trooper, Detective Christopher Bryzinski, because of something in the detective’s past history. Dr. Lou Welcome’s daughter, Emily, liked to box and was good at it. Lou often went to the gym while Emily worked out with Cap. Jeannine Colston, the wife of the deceased Congressman, had an affair with Dr. Gary McHugh, so it was thought that all of this wrapped together gave motive for the murder but Dr. Lou wasn’t buying it. His good friend Gary could not have killed the Congressman.

If you feel confused after reading the above, don’t dismay. The story has so many angles that are great to read and are not confusing. The book goes on intertwining all the possibilities of who could have killed the Congressman, who had access and what was the weapon and who had it? Since all involved were public figures, the publicity kept the news in front of everyone all the time. Gary was placed in prison while Dr. Lou and his friends worked every which way to find out who actually did kill the Congressman. They get mixed up with the ever-dangerous Mantis and had to work around them while working with them, if you know what I mean. In other words being there to find out all they could about Mantis and its leaders with the little contact allowed with the group’s leaders. The suspense makes this a real page-turner and it keeps you in the story even when not reading it. Please get this book and read it and tell your friends because you will want to tell any book-nut about this fantastic book.

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