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Personal (Jack Reacher) by Lee Child

PersonalReviewed by Allen Hott

Jack Reacher is back in the army. Well, sort of. Though this time he isn’t really in the army but he is their most respected weapon of all time. So they “drafted” him back for one job. No he isn’t in uniform and no he has no rank but he has been selected to do something that the top brass figure no one else can do.

One of Reacher’s’ old commanding officers had been given the task of finding Reacher who as usual is doing his thing in wandering all over the U.S. not necessarily under cover but without any way of being tracked down.

Mr. Child always has Reacher traveling, usually by bus, with no suitcases or gear of any type. He carries no clothing nor anything but a bit of money in his pocket so that he can buy his always necessary coffee, a cheap hotel room, and new clothes when those he is wearing get dirty.

His former employers however know he reads the Army Times so they place an ad asking for him to call. When he reads the paper in the bus station he is to contact them for some word about a problem.
That word is that Reacher has to go after John Kott! If you are a Reacher fan you remember that name as the expert trained marksman that the army used for all of their must kill jobs. A man who had tremendous marksmanship at any distance. Supposedly the only person who could hit a target at 1400 yards, almost three quarters of a mile. Not only hit the target but hit the bull’s-eye!

Kott had been released from prison and was supposedly set up to make one of his bodacious shots at the upcoming G8 summit meeting. The information that U.S. intelligence had received was that there would be at least four expert marksmen at the summit to take out four of the top eight leaders of the G8 organization. And one would be Kott!

Once they get Reacher back to Washington he gets teamed up with a new associate from the FBI investigative group. As usual she is a nice young lady (also named Nice by the way) and she accompanies throughout the rest of the story.

They are off to France to begin their investigation of the entire situation but they only spend long enough there for Reacher to get shot at by Kott. In this case however the shot misses and kills another possible agent standing nearby.

Needless to say Kott gets away and Reacher, after visiting the gravesite of his mother who was French and who had passed away before Reacher was able to reach her several years before, begins his travels and continues his hunt.

The book moves at a very quick pace as do all of Child’s books. The dialogue is usually kept at a minimum and the interesting flow of the story doesn’t allow for the reader to put the book away for any period of time. Well thought out procedures, well developed characters, and a really great read once more by Child.

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