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Pale Horses by Jassy MacKenzie

Pale HorsesReviewed by Julie Moderson

Jazzy MacKenzie has written three Jade de Jong novels before this one and I plan on reading all of them. MacKenzie’s books bring intense characters to life.

Jade de Jong has been hired by Victor Theron to find out what happened to his dear friend Sonet van Rensburg his jumping partner. Victor and Sonet do base jumping and Victor is afraid the police will consider him the number one suspect in his friend’s death so he wants to find out what happened to her after he jumped.

Victor and Jade went to the top floor of Sandton Views, the tallest skyscraper in Sandton, to see where the accident happened. Jade and Victor look around but Jade comes back on her own. Sonet has a brother and a sister who disappeared and Jade wants to find them to see what is going on. Her sister, Zelda is an investigative reporter and is writing about seeds. Koenraad the brother is a farmer who has his land stolen out from under him. Jade has to figure out where Sonet’s siblings are and why they are hiding out.

Pale Horses is a wonderful novel and it gets into some of the problems in Africa but it just blows you away with the storyline and the characters.

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