Oath of Office by Michael Palmer

Oak of OfficeReviewed by Cy Hilterman

I have read most of Michael Palmer’s books wondering how he could add more excitement and deeper involvement than in his preceding books. “Oath Of Office” is no exception as I thoroughly enjoyed the entire book wondering while advancing through the book how the author can be so knowledgeable as he delves into so many subjects in various fields and subjects? The story begins as Dr. John Meacham has a huge verbal fight with a patient, certainly not the type of thing he would normally do. As that patient stormed out of his office he started thinking beyond the normal box that all those in the office would give him trouble reporting the incident to the hospital and other boards. He decided he would just stop any of them from hurting his future and started shooting and killing any patients in the office and waiting room, his own staff, and any doctors in the immediate vicinity, followed by shooting himself. Dr. Lou Welcome was a good friend of Dr. John Meacham and couldn’t believe that this man could take the actions he had taken with such finality to everyone involved. Dr. Meacham had barely survived the bullet he put in his head and despite all the medical attention he was given, including some from Lou, he didn’t make it.

The wife of the President of the United States, Darlene Mallory, was a good friend of the Secretary of Agriculture, Russell Evans, and was hurt that he had been caught with a hooker and had to resign his cabinet job. She needed to find out if the story was true or not. Their meeting was done secretly, planned well with the help of one of the Secret Service agents assigned to cover Mrs. Mallory, Victor. Victor was a very good agent but also was top notch at helping the presidents’ wife do almost anything she wished to do, outright or secretly. Lou was beginning to suspect something was going on affecting the minds of some causing them to do some outlandish and not near normal activities that had started with his friend killing so many and Dr. Meacham’s wife not acting normal also.

Lou had been taking boxing lessons from a good friend, Cap, and had for some years. This helped Lou stay in good physical shape and he loved the action and boy, did he need some relaxation now after all he had been through the past few days. He and Cap worked out and had a good chance to talk. The town of Kings Ridge was the closest populated area and Lou went there to meet Chief Stone, Chief of the Kings Ridge Police force. Lou told Stone that he was suspicious of some strange things going on in the area with people doing and saying some strange things, some things from their local hospital, the local doctors, and the actions of Dr. Meacham. The chief took note but did not feel there was anything wrong.

Action really picks up even more so involving all of the above, the President of the United States who was involved in a reelection campaign so did not have much time for close friends or his wife, Lou’s friends and associates, Secret Service agents, and many more. As I said, Michael Palmer has spun a great tale in this book and to try to tell you any more than I have would ruin your enjoyment while reading the book. The writing is excellent, the plots are great, and the characters are very real. When the book gets into genetically modified goods, we enter a current problem facing our world right now. How dangerous are these GE products?

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