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Now You See Her by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The story is pretty much all about Nina Bloom who today is a mother with a teen-age daughter who live in the New York city area but Nina has many ties to south Florida. She works now in a highly paid job and lives very well but always in the back of her mind the trials and tribulations of the past do reappear to remind her of the past.

Her past seems to have consisted of her hitting/killing a man while she was inebriated. That incident never seems to leave her mind as she grows older, marries, divorces, moves north and then back to Florida. All this time although she is doing well and appears to be a pretty much good mother to her daughter and a great worker in her law firm. She learns that her former husband has worked his way through the police department and is now chief of police in the south Florida town. She doesn’t understand how he got away with what he did and hid it so well.

However when she hears of a man in a southern Florida jail who is being charged with a crime that she knows he did not commit she feels she has to go back and help him get justice. Although all of this seems to be fairly simple and easy to do, it doesn’t work out that way for Nina. While she gets down there and works at helping the man she gets into trouble with her former husband who has believed her to either be dead or gone for good. He realizes that he has problems with Nina and her forthright attitude to not only find out the truth about things but to then bring them out into the eyes and ears of the world.

Overall a good read with short chapters that moves along very quickly. This almost seems a different book for Patterson but regardless it is still a very good book and well worth reading. The final chapters alone are worth the wait as the book moves toward its climax!

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