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Nothing Stays Buried (A Monkeewrench Novel) by P.T. Tracy

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Nothing Stays BuriedHomicide detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth are called to the scene of a murder in a park where a young woman is found strangled. A playing card has been left on her body. Before long, the detectives realize their murder is probably tied to another where a card was also left with the body. Because of the face of the cards are two numbers apart, they fear there are yet two more victims. Are their bodies yet to be found or were their cases investigated without anything tipping off they were tied to a bigger crime wave?

Meanwhile, the Monkeewrench Crew has been asked to investigate the disappearance of a young woman on her way to visit her father in rural Minnesota. Her car was found near the road, the dogs picked up her scent but lost it at a tree in the woods where her ring was found. Had she left the ring as a clue to let people know she had been there?

Before long, Grace from the Monkeewrench Crew and Leo begin to realize there may be a connection between their respective cases. I especially enjoyed this entry into the series in part because I wasn’t all that fond of the previous two books. Somehow they just didn’t click for me. This one hits all of the right buttons.

The two plot lines are well developed and told from varying points of view. Because of this, I would not recommend listening to the audio version if at all possible. I would think the changing points of view would become confusing. Reading it however, the shifts just added a layer of enjoyment. Also, because of the point of view shifting, we are able to reconnect with the various repeating characters which is always a plus.

Nothing Stays Buried is the eighth book in the Monkeewrench series. This series, written by the mother-daughter team of P. J. and Traci Lambrecht has had its ups and downs, but Nothing Stays Buried is back to the old form. I was truly sorry to see the book end.

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