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Noir by Christopher Moore

Reviewed by Laurie Weatherlow

NoirFirst things first, I love the cover of this book! Do you ever pick a book because of the cover? I do and I would grab this one in a heart beat. The pin up girl in bright red and the two men in black suits and fedoras screams 1947. The golden gate bridge is also displayed lending a hint to the setting of the story. There is a snake and a green three fingered hand resting on the title that adds a bit of mystery to the overall design. This is cover love at it’s finest.

In the summer of 1947, San Francisco is changing. The war is over and work is hard to come by. Sammy “Two Toes” Tiffin is a bartender at a seedy gin joint when one night a dame named Stilton, aka the Cheese, walks in and Sammy falls hard. They spend time together and enjoy some razzmatazz until one night the Cheese goes missing. Sammy sets out to rescue her and save her from the two mugs in black suits. However, what he finds he never expected. With a colorful cast of characters and bountiful twists and turns down dark alley’s, we are off on an adventure.

Satire abounds in the novel with a heavy dose of humor. Some may be offended at the language and the political incorrectness; but I was not. I loved the slang of 1949 America. There are two narrators in the story; Sammy and an unknown, (“Don’t worry about who I am, I know things.”). We do find out who the second narrator is towards the end of the book and you will be surprised. One of my favorite characters is the moonman. The Roswell crash happened in June 1947, so why not include it in the book, Christopher Moore style of course. Moore explains many historical details and the noir genre in the Afterword. This enhanced the book tremendously and I recommend reading it before beginning the novel. A solid four star read with lots of entertainment!

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