Nobody’s Child A Georgia Davis Novel of Suspense (Georgia Davis Series) (Volume 4) by Libby Fischer Hellman

Nobody's ChildReviewed by Teri Davis

“No one cared whether she lived or died… Not her mother. Not the half-sister she didn’t know but hoped would somehow rescue her. All she had was the memory of a loving father and he was dead. She was Nobody’s child. Her life wasn’t worth a sheet of used toilet paper. The first time she’d heard the expression, she thought it was just the cynicism of an acne-scarred kid she went to school with. She knew better now.”

Georgia Davis realizes the differences between abiding within the law and the actuality of justice. She no longers works as a law enforcement officer but is now a private investigator. That’s what occurs when you feel responsible for doing the right thing.

Georgia is hired by a small business to discover who was responsible for organizing a flash mob. Rather than dance at a public place, this particular mob stole over five thousand dollars worth of inventory off their shelves injuring the owner who attempted to stop the crowd. Small shop owners cannot afford to lose that much inventory.

While beginning this investigation Georgia receives a blood-stained napkin with a note asking for her help. Supposedly this is from her sister, but Georgia doesn’t have a sister.

Since Georgia’s mother left both her husband and daughter years ago, she had no way of knowing of her mother’s new life in another city. She had again married, obviously no legally, and gave birth to another daughter, Savannah. However, Savannah grew up hearing about Georgia living in Chicago.

As a rebellious teen, Savannah wondered about her sister and decided to find her in Chicago. However being young and on your own is dangerous in metropolitan areas especially for pretty and naive women. She quickly discovered herself involved with drug usage and prostitution. Could her sister help her?

Nobody’s Child is a realistic mystery set in the present day Chicago area encompassing the problems of black market babies and body parts as well as the illegal trade of drugs and human trafficking creating an enthralling story with an alternating point-of-view between Savannah and Georgia. This strategy created an understandable perspective for the character decisions in a logical and organized story involving many crimes wihin their complicated personal lives.

Libby Fischer Hellman has written numerous novels including the Georgia Davis series and another featuring Ellie Foreman. Nobody’s Child is the fourth novel in this series as well as three standalone novels, Set the Night on Fire, A Bitter Veil, and Havana Lost.

As with all of Libby Fischer Hellman’s novels, her characters become real people in situations that make their choices understandable, even when they break the law. These novels are intriguing as the reader along with the heroine attempt to reconcile their lives. Nobody’s Child exceeds in being am intriguing novel of life.

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