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Night Watch: A Novel (Kendra Michaels) by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Night WatchI have to believe this was written mostly by Roy Johansen, the son of Iris Johansen because of all of her books that I have read she has never gone into sex as part of the story.

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This one begins to at one point but then, thankfully, backs off of it and goes ahead telling the story without that element. Good job!

Like some of her other books though it does border a bit on the occult or at least on things that are not truly in our element yet. This one gets into the possibility of regenerating parts of the human body. Kendra Michaels was blind from birth but had her sight restored in a special maneuver by Doctor Charles Waldridge. In growing up without sight she with the help of her mother really built her other senses to where she has remarkable talents such as memory. She also has the uncanny ability to connect things about people and their habits, abilities, and their thinking potential. She can also place where people have been by seeing things on their shoes or clothes that they may have come into contact with such as sand or pieces of grass. Her use of all her mental facilities far exceeds anyone else in the world.

She feels a tremendous debt of gratitude to Dr. Waldridge and when he suddenly appears in her life again without reason but seemingly in fear of something Kendra decides she has to become involved in his situation. The good thing about it is that because of her abilities she has been working somewhat in law enforcement and made contact with another former agent, Adam Lynch. She explains her thoughts about Waldridge and the fact that he was in and suddenly out and is unreachable.

Together they begin reconstructing what little they know about Waldridge and his association with a group called Night Watch. They do not realize at first what all is involved and how Waldridge is trying to extricate himself from this group which has its sight set on a tremendous profitable market in regenerating human parts.

As Kendra and Lynch are working their way along they get accompanied by another former enforcement officer, though this one, Jessie Mercado, got her training in the military and is now working as a private investigator. She was hired by Waldridge who felt he needed protection and a watchdog. Jessie got into the picture when she happened by while Kendra was waylaid by several men for what appeared to be no reason.

There then becomes much movement as Waldridge doesn’t seem to be around but others are and there are several of his former associates who have traveled over from England to be involved in his new endeavor. But no one knows exactly who or what is going on with Night Watch and especially since Waldridge is missing.

Much goes on with the trio of Kendra, Lynch, and Jessie as they dig deeper and deeper into former associates. They find there appears to be some sort of a struggle going on and it all points to bad news for Waldridge and that means more of the same for those trying to help him.

It is somewhat a draggy read in places but overall the book has a lot of action and keeps the reader interested in finding what all is going down.

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