Night Tremors by Matt Coyle

Reviewed by Jud Hanson

Night TremorsRick Cahill returns in Matt Coyle’s second novel, Night Tremors. Cahill is still dealing with losing his wife and being accused of her murder when he is drawn into a case which will test his limits. The grandparents of a young man convicted of murdering his family believes there is a new witness which could get their grandson a new trial with his testimony. Their lawyer, someone who Cahill was once at odds with, asks him to meet with the witness to see if he is credible. As Cahill digs further into the background of the witness, the La Jolla police chief does his best to interfere with his efforts. The result is a reigniting of their long running animosity for each other and Cahill’s realization that there is indeed a truth that someone doesn’t want revealed.

Matt Coyle, winner of the Anthony Award for Best First Novel with Yesterday’s Echo, has penned another winner with Night Tremors. Coyle has created a cast of characters that is well-developed and with enough depth to make the reader want to know as much about character as they can. As a reviewer, this makes a novel much more enjoyable and appealing. The plot is developed enough not to be boring, while at the same time not so complex that the reader becomes frustrated trying to follow it. Coyle is an author to watch and I look forward to future entries in the Rick Cahill series. This book has earned 4/5 stars.

*A copy of this book is the only compensation received for this review.*

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