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Never Go Back by Lee Child (Review #2)

Never Go BackOne of Lee Child’s favorite main characters, Jack Reacher, is back. And yes he is back in the Army or at least kind of! He had just traveled to Washington D.C. from South Dakota primarily to meet the new commanding officer of the unit Reacher himself had commanded. Primarily he wanted to meet her because her voice over the phone had sounded very interesting when he had spoken with her recently.

But when he gets to the office of the commanding officer it turns out that she is not there, Instead a colonel named Morgan is there. Morgan informs Reacher that Major Susan Turner is no longer in command and that Morgan is. He also informs Reacher that he is in serious trouble because years back Reacher supposedly beat a man almost to death. That man and now the Army are planning to charge Reacher for the episode. Then Morgan immediately announces that based on Reacher’s service and reserve status he is not only back on duty but also under house arrest until the episode is resolved.

And then as per usual with Reacher he begins to get deeply involved so that he can figure out what is going on. He finds out that Major Turner is not in Afghanistan as he was told by Morgan but locked up on some trumped up charges of receiving bribes to keep quiet about a bribe of sorts. Reacher also is told that along with his charges that the Army has been trying to find him since a woman in California has come forward and claimed that Reacher is the father of her teenage daughter.

After meeting with his appointed counsel and being put into pretrial confinement, Reacher not only finds where Turner is being held in the same brig but he in his usual fashion breaks out of confinement. And in so doing he takes Turner with him.

Together they begin figuring out what is going on and how they can not only stop it for their sakes but for the good of others in the command they have each headed.

They do have several compatriots including a female sergeant who has been a major supporter of Turner all through the Army’s findings. The sergeant and several others do not believe Turner to be guilty and want to help as they can. Sergeant Leach proves to be a lifesaver as the story moves forward.

The action moves back and forth across the U.S. as Turner wants Reacher to first clear his name as to the birth of a daughter years ago. By now she and Reacher have a thing going and naturally she wants him herself.

Child carefully has the reader somewhat aware of what is going on by having two of the bad guys constantly conversing about their plans. Who they are or where is not known. However the climax is really kind of out of left field!

Another really interesting story by Child that carries the reader along just waiting to see what is next. Doubt that any reader will figure this out though!

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