Need You Now by James Grippando

Need You NowReviewed by Allen Hott

Quite a combination of assorted characters, plots, twists, and other necessaries to building a good novel. The author’s basic idea is certainly one of today’s world as he builds on a monumental Ponzi scheme. Without a doubt there are many investors interested in recovering at least some part of their contribution to the 60 billion dollars that Abe Cushman has stolen from them.

After Cushman took his own life by jumping from his condo tower’s window to the pavement below, Wall Street and the world felt even more anger. Not only was their money gone but also now the investors would not see the culprit stand trial and eventually go to prison.

There were those however who had thought they would get away with at least a part of the treasure. Many believe that much of the money has been hidden away by some of Cushman’s associates. Little do they know what all is involved in some of the billions that were in fact given to Gerry Collins, the closest associate.

Collins realizes that the money that he has hidden in various accounts as far away as Singapore are now definitely on the “hot seat”. Not only are the investors anxious to find their money but the government is also very interested in the monies but for other reasons.

Many different individuals then get involved in the hunt and many of them have some very different backgrounds. They also have different reasons for hunting for the money.

There is a former mob assassin who had weaseled on the mob to such a degree that he was given the choice of prison or an identity change. He took the identity change for his wife and two children but he continued working while dealing with certain death from cancer.

As the government gets more involved in the search they choose that assassin’s son who is now working in banking to become an undercover worker for them. While working on the case for the government in Singapore he becomes very close with a girl there in the bank who it turns out was laundering the deposits from Collins.

The twists and turns continue at a rapid pace when a former top level banker who went to work in a top Treasury Department for the government goes back to work for the bank that took the biggest hit in the Ponzi scheme. Supposedly his job is to now find the money with assistance from the government.

However there is much more to just finding the money as government involvement becomes more and more pronounced and for a totally different reason.

Quite a book as I mentioned in the beginning. Interesting but definitely involved. It takes a reader’s full concentration to names and details to keep on track as the turns in the road keep coming. But well worth the ride!

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