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My Sister’s Grave (Tracy Crosswhite Book 1) by Robert Dugoni

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Two very close sisters compete in everything with the younger one, Sarah, usually losing. However after a shooting competition twenty years ago that Tracy lost to Sarah, Sarah went one way and Tracy the other. Sarah however was never seen again until now when her remains were found in a partial grave.

It has bothered Tracy for all these years because Sarah, though she won the contest, had given the first prize to Tracy to make her feel good. What she didn’t realize is that not only did the gesture hurt Tracy’s feelings but then the next day Sarah would not be found.

Tracy had left the small town and was working as a detective in Seattle. When the news gets to her that some of Sarah’s body had been found Tracy heads back to the small town to see if somehow she can be of assistance in solving the mystery. She is doing it more for herself than for the people of the small town.

Once she gets back the story really begins to build. There seems to be all sorts of stories as to what may have cause her death and who actually did it. Even the girls’ father is looked at in a somewhat quizzical manner as he ends up being the one coming forth with evidence against one of the potential killers. The whole business of how certain people are fingered is amazing because it seems as though there is no concrete evidence but the Sheriff is willing to do a pretty thorough investigation on each finger point.

At the time of the killing although several were thought to be the possible murderer only one was actually arrested and put in jail. And the evidence was very skimpy against him. And rather than a death sentence he was only given a sentence of less than ten years.

Now that Tracy is back she is not only digging feverishly into possible suspects but she also seems to be getting into a romantic relationship with a man who she had gone to school with in the “old” days. He is an attorney and he is working now to somehow help the man who has been jailed because the attorney and even Tracy does not feel that he is guilty.Together they begin working, her boyfriend on the legal side and Tracy on the investigative side.

As the story progresses there are various townspeople brought in and looked over pretty closely. Even the Sheriff who has been there for over 20 years is being looked because of some actions that he did or did not take at the time of the crime.

Toward the end of the book a lot of things happen to Tracy, the Sheriff, and some others that are pretty gruesome. The fighting between the man who is to be arrested for Sarah’s death and the Sheriff and Tracy becomes quite involved. The description and how all of the parts of the final battle are very well written and really hold the reader’s attention right up to the end. The end is not a surprise but how it all works out is very well done.

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