Murder, She Wrote: Skating on Thin Ice by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Murder She Wrote: Skating on Thin IceThis series has been around forever and as you read the book you figure out why. It holds your attention, reads fast, basically is sound, and is enjoyable.

Perhaps like me you will picture Angela Lansbury doing all the things that Jessica does and you will hear Angela’s voice as Jessica talks.She stood out in the TV series a few years ago.

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In today’s Cabot Cove, Jessica’s hometown, some happenings going on as the ice skating rink is not only being rejuvenated but it is rumored that it may be for sale. Since Jessica used to love ice skating she digs out her old skates and heads to the rink over the protestations of Seth Hazlitt, her doctor friend.

She does, as is always her thing, do some digging and talking at the rink to find out as much as she can. One important thing she discovers is that Brian Devlin, a former gold medalist turned coach has matched a promising young female skater with a well-known Russian skater. Chris Allen, the young lady appears to be doing well with Alexei Olshansky, the Russian, under Devlin.

However there are also two young American skaters, Jeremy Hapgood
and Marisa Brown, who are being trained by another coach, also appear to be doing very well together. However it seems there are some distractions as Jeremy appears to be very into watching Chris and likewise Marisa admires Alexei.

Adding to the total picture is that Coddington, owner of the rink, appears to be close to a deal in selling it to an out of town developer type mogul. And to make it even more interesting Jeremy, skater/ maintenance man at the rink begins finding strange things around the building. Such as a pretty good size hand full of screws which have been strewn on the ice and which could not only cause skaters to fall but could also cause extensive damage to the Zambonis that Jeremy operates.

While all of this is going on skaters have come back to the rink in large numbers and the hockey coach is planning on doing some extensive training to get his team hopefully into some semi-pro action.

However when a very unusual event happens at the rink everyone and everything is kind of knocked a kilter. That event is the discovery of a red scarf floating up in a pool off the rink area where ice is scraped and tucked away to melt.

The idea of a scarf in the pool is not too preposterous but when they determine it is hooked to a body…………..Cabot Cove explodes!!!

Well written and very easy to read this book is a great “quickie” for those of us who like to finish a book in a couple of days. And it will carry the reader along almost breathlessly all the way to end! Great job and well done!!!

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