Murder by Sarah Pinborough

MurderReviewed by Vickie Dailey

This book works fairly well as a stand alone – but I highly recommend that you read the first one due to numerous mentions of past events that took place in the first book. The main character Dr. Thomas Bond has worked with the police on several cases including the Ripper murders. In this book he is trying to regain his normal life while trying to romance the widow of his dead friend (whom he killed). Edward Kane is also a friend of the dead man and trying to romance Juliana with somewhat more success.

Dr. Bond believes for lack of a better word that his dead friend was possessed by evil. This evil has not gone away and eventually takes over Dr Bond.

Pinborough has added true crime aspects interwoven with the fictional characters to create crimes to complete the story.

This book is well written and I believe you will enjoy the tale.

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