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Missing You by Harlan Coben

Missing YouReviewed by Allen Hott

What an ending! Wait a minute. That is not the regular way to start a review of a book is it? In this case it is quite appropriate. Mr. Coben has put together one of his best stories yet (and possibly the best). But regardless of all the twists and turns nothing can hold a candle to the final chapter! It will bring readers to their knees and just shaking their heads saying “I didn’t expect that”.

Missing You tells the story of Kat Donovan, a NYPD detective, who loses her fiancé early on and is constantly trying to figure out why and where did he go. However she is also at work trying to solve a really big mystery.

It appears that a certain dating service is involved in some strange and probably illegal maneuvers. Brandon Phelps, a young man, gets alarmed after his mother disappears following some on line chats with a possible boyfriend. Brandon begins using his own computer skills to check out the website and those who run it.

His skills and determination eventually lead him to Kat Donovan who after being persuaded by her closest friend has used the dating service that Brandon’s mother was involved with.

Brandon convinces Kat of the problem when they find his mother has recently withdrawn a huge amount of money from their bank and had it sent to an unknown address offshore.

While Kat and Brandon begin working to find out as much as they can about this site Kat also begins digging into the murder of her father who was also a police officer. Supposedly he was murdered by a gang member who is now dying in a prison hospital.
When she does get to go to the prison, Kat finds out there are lots of loose pieces in the death of her dad and somehow they even involve her present superior in the police force.

Coben pulls these three major plots (the breakup of Kat’s engagement, the death of her father, and the missing computer dater) together in perfect harmony as he carries along the reader toward the solutions.

But no! Nothing is that easy for the reader of a Coben mystery. Into these three major plots Coben has woven several minor ones including lots of unknown little happenings that occurred in Kat’s life as a child and even after joining the force.

This is without a doubt one of those books that a reader cannot and does not want to put down. Each chapter opens into another series of what? , when? And how? And those are the easy to identify questions but each reader will have more of his or her own.

Well done, Mr. Coben. A really great book!

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