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Memory Man (Amos Decker series) by David Baldacci (Review #2)

Reviewed by Allen Hott

memorymansmAnother great story from Mr. Baldacci. He really puts together some many things, places, and people into one great story. This has to be one of his best.

Amos Decker is a savant that became one because of an earlier football hit wherein he survived but his mind was completely altered. He had very little feelings left but he had memories galore. He is able to tell people who were around him where and when they were to the exact minute regardless of when they were in fact with him. His memory for the past is completely incredible but also completely accurate. He also has picked up some type of anomaly in that he often remembers numbers as colors and vice versa. This is sometimes a help and sometimes a hindrance.

He is presently working as a PI and living hand to mouth literally. He does have a room now as opposed to the box that he had lived in for a while after the calamity destroyed his life.

He was a detective on the police force with a great background and resume when he came home one night to find his wife and young daughter both brutally murdered. He comes within minutes of killing himself at the time but rather goes on to live a terrible lonely homeless type of life. He does manage to get himself together enough after leaving the force to do the work as a PI but he is unhappy and constantly suicidal.

His former partner and his former boss would both like him back. And it turns out that he agrees to help out (only) when a tremendous catastrophe hits the small town of Burlington. The local high school is rampaged by a shooter who kills several students in a somewhat oriented fashion not just haphazardly. The shooter does a lot of unusual damage and gets away.

As Decker gets involved (in his normal savant way) he finds many clues that all seem to be pointing to one thing or rather perhaps one person. That individual being pointed to by the gunman is in fact Decker!

Now he is really involved although still only as an associate not a true police officer. But his methodology in finding and sorting out clues far exceeds the work by the other investigating forces including the FBI.

Strangely enough as he digs into this crime others begin to appear and again all somehow involved with him or his close associates. But even with his astute memory Decker is very confused as to who and especially why anyone would do these horrible acts.

Baldacci has really built a masterpiece with the Memory Man. Readers will find it extremely difficult to put aside and even as they get to the ending they will be amazed at the completeness that Baldacci has effected in this writing.

Don’t wait! Get it and start it………….that’s all it will take for you to finish it!

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