Live Wire by Harlan Coben

Live WireReviewed by Allen Hott

The adventures of Myron Bolitar continue! Harlan Coben’s favorite hero is again on the scene with his gang. Win, Esperanza, and Big Cyndi all pitch in to help Myron on one of his strangest and personally gut-wrenching cases.

As he works to find the missing husband of one of his clients (who happens to be a pregnant tennis star), Myron gets very involved with a very popular singing act called Live Wire. The missing husband is one half of the duo that makes up Live Wire. Not only is he missing but a very strange posting has been made to the wife’s Facebook page that strongly suggests the husband is not the father of the soon to be born child.

Myron begins his search although he is emotionally distressed because his father is presently in the hospital suffering from what could turn out to be a fatal heart attack. His father however urges Myron to continue and at the same time to hunt for Myron’s missing brother who left the family some years ago due to a major confrontation with Myron.

Since he is looking for the missing musician husband he starts his search in a nightclub that had been one of the band’s haunts. Although he doesn’t have a lot of success along those lines he does spot his missing brother’s wife and attempts to hook up with her. That doesn’t work out well for Myron as his attempt causes problems in the club and especially with the security staff of the club.

The ensuing mix-up with that staff begins the meat of the story of Live Wire.

Because of what happens to Myron, Win gets deeply involved also and the two of them begin to work through the maze. And the deeper they delve the more of Myron’s family involvement becomes a factor.

Typically Coben has put together a great story with the kind of action that keeps the reader flipping pages to see what will happen next. The writing as usual is descriptive enough and with the perfect dialogue to keep it moving at a perfect speed. Especially the dialogue between Win and Myron or Win and any other character. That is the type of writing that brings readers back to Coben.

Also Coben in this book has eloquently described a parent’s viewpoint of what happens when they try to instill their values in their offspring. The conversation between Myron and his father makes the book a must read. Find out for yourself by reading Live Wire!

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