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Linger: Dying is a Wild Night by Edward Fallon (Kindle Edition)

LingerReviewed by Gina Metz

Kate Messenger is a major crimes detective investigating the brutal murder of an entire family. The killer left six bodies, the father, mother, 3 children and the family dog. While other officers helping with the investigation believe the killing to be the work of a random psychopath, Kate’s instincts are telling her the killer knew the family.

Late one night as Kate goes back to the crime scene to search for any clues they might have missed she finds two strangers in the home of the murdered family. The strangers are a man and a young blind boy who have no explanation for being there.

Noah Weston and Christopher, the young blind boy, are no strangers to the violence experienced in the home of the murdered family. Every crime leaves an emotional residue that lingers and they are there to gather the residue and try to help stop the monster that committed this crime. Kate soon discovers that she is not dealing with any ordinary boy. He will open old ones wounds and possibly help her catch a killer.

Linger: Dying is a Wild Night is the first in a series. Linger is a fast paced read that will leave one impatiently awaiting the next installment. If you enjoy reading mysteries with a supernatural twist you will love this series.

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