Linger 2: Trail of the Beast (A Linger Thriller) by Edward Fallon (Kindle Edition)

Reviewed by Gina Metz

linger2Linger 2: Trail of the Beast begins with Kate Messenger quitting her job as a police detective and catching up with Weston and Christopher on the road. When Weston’s Rambler breaks down they find themselves stuck in a small town in Alabama. They know the Beast has been here and soon realize he may still be closer than they think. They also face another threat from a different Beast that resides in the river there. This beast desperately wants Christopher.

Linger 2 will not disappoint readers and will leave one anxiously awaiting Linger 3. I’ve read many book series where the 2nd book just didn’t live up to the first but this certainly is not the case with Linger 2. I couldn’t read this one fast enough and am looking forward to Linger 3. I cannot wait to find out where the Trail of the Beast will take us next.

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