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Lies She Never Told Me: A Novel (Historical Fiction Book 3) by John Ellsworth

Reviewed by Allen Hott

A historical type story that begins on the Great Lakes in July of 1915 when an excursion steamer capsizes and sinks. Hundreds of people are thrown into the water and many drown. However quite a few are saved and many by Knowles Graham a seventeen year old who jumped from his motorcycle right into the water to help out.

Strangely enough his bike and clothes had already caught the eyes of a group of “not too law abiding” cops. They ended up stopping Knowles and not only arrested him but pretty well beat the tar out of him before throwing him in jail. Shortly thereafter the same cops brought in another young man and threw him into the cell with Knowles after beating him pretty badly also. Knowles gave a lot of aid to the new man and together they made it through the night.

The other young man was Alphonse Capone who would later in life again run into Knowles Graham when they were each on opposite sides of the law. Knowles through some more good work that he does in saving a cop becomes not only a cop but moves all the way up through the system of government to eventually become Senator Graham from Illinois.

Graham’s life and that of his family make up the rest of the book. Seems as though each descendant somehow or another gets mixed up in some type of criminal event. No, they do not necessarily commit the event but one way or another they become part of it.

Knowles first wife was confined to an iron lung shortly after their marriage and was thus unable to have children. However the lady who became her nurse and Knowles’s assistant does have an affair with him (at his wife’s request) so they could have children. There is always a bit of question since Martha, the assistant, has Filipino ancestry and it shows in her and somewhat in the children.

The major part of the story is when Martha witnesses the brutal murder of seven nurses in a dormitory. She is under a bed and the murderer never sees her nor does he realize she is there. For the rest of her life she wants revenge and through her grandson many years later some very interesting things happen. To find out what, when, and how you will have to read Lies She Never Told Me! It is quite a book and you will enjoy it!

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