Last Winter We Parted by Fuminori Nakamura

Last Winter We PartedReviewed by Book Bug

Would you ever want to write a book about a cold blooded killer?

A young and aspiring Japanese author wants to do just that.

Photographer Yudai Kiharazaka is on death row. He’s accused of burning two women to death. On top of killing them, He snapped photographs of their burning bodies. Pretty brutal.

He tells anyone who will listen that he’s the guilty one.

Did he really do it? Is the real killer behind those steel bars?

I was so excited to begin reading this book. It sounds so dark and twisted.

It was dark and twisted. But, there is ALWAYS a but, right?

This book had so much potential to be a heart stopper. The way the book was written, either through bad translation, bad editing or something else, it was lost on me.

I understood what occurred and how it happened. I get that.

It was difficult to decipher who was talking in areas of the book. There were certain parts that when I thought was one person, it turned out to be someone else. It wasn’t clear. I was never sure who it was. Sometimes I had to read certain paragraphs over and over to understand, and still wasn’t sure.

This book would have received a solid 5 if it had been clear in the wording. This is an un-corrected copy, so maybe (hopefully!) it all gets corrected in the final edition.

It’s dark and twisted. Bonus! It has an ending you won’t see coming. Score! (3 1/2 stars)

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