Keep Your Eyes on the Flag by Lucille F. Burgio

Reviewed by Allen Hott

It appears that there is something desperately wrong about a particular candidate who is running for President of the United States. Not only are there several folks who have come out claiming he is a fraud and a fake. But now there have been several instances of snipers shooting at spectators shortly after he has presented one of his campaign speeches to a large mass. Keep Your Eyes on the Flag seems to be Upton’s way of diminishing his own efforts or self.

The current president, who does dislike this candidate, believes that he has to use his staff to find out more about the individual and also about the shootings. He appoints two of his top staff members to dig into not only the shootings but definitely into the presidential candidate-hopeful.

As they dig deeply into the past they find several former POWs and other soldiers who served with Ashe Lipton Upton, that candidate. Strangely enough all of these veterans also believe that something is going on. Upton (the name he goes by) was definitely a POW in Germany and suffered all types of wounds and disfigurements. However there were others who did also. Several of them believe that somehow this man calling himself Upton actually took the place of the real wounded POW named Upton. How he did it and what happened to the original Upton is the question.

Christopher Roberts, another of the former POWs, appears at one of Upton’s speeches and hot only does he spot something strange about Upton but Upton also recognizes him. And then when Christopher bends over to pick up his fallen Stetson hat a bullet goes over his head and into a nearby tree. No one in the crowd except Christopher. But Upton seemed to have seen the near-miss. Strangely enough Upton immediately finished his speech and left the scene hurriedly.

The story gets more and more into how Christopher begins digging into Upton’s maneuvers but Christopher also gets very involved in finding a former girlfriend who he had an affair with just after getting out of a German prison camp. He is able to meet up with her because of a Japanese fellow who had been working for Upton and now was looking for Christopher to kill him. It turns out that this Japanese fellow had decided to go against Upton and joined forces with Christopher to see how they could derail Upton’s campaign.

For a relatively short story this one gets very involved with friends from the old days reappearing and coming to help out in ruining the candidate’s plans. There is a lot of activity with traveling both here and yon and a lot of folks moving in and out of the story line. But overall it is a very interesting and alive read. The reader just has to be able to keep up with changes and enjoy the ride!

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